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"Songbird" Cindy / Blog


Ladies, tell your friends in Central Oregon to ck out the website for the Three Sisters Women's Conference happening on May 18th in Redmond, Oregon. Speakers will be Becky Brown, Pat Abernathy, Cindy Jennings (myself) and Music by Heritage singers and myself. It is a one day event you won't want to miss. call 541-382-8609 for reservations or for more information.

Invite You To Three Sisters Conference Redmond, OR May 18th

Just a not to Invite you to the Three Sisters Women's Conference on May 18th at the Mtn View Fellowship in Redmond, OREGON. Becky Brown is the main speaker. There will be breakout sessions also in the AM and PM. It is a one day conference. A NOTE TO WIDOWS and DIVORCED WOMEN OR EVEN UNMARRIED WOMEN of FAITH: The session I am doing is for the Widow- and that means in this case all of the women mentioned above: called The Widow Her healing, Her Purpose, Her Re-activation, Her Assignment call for info at 541-382-8609



Releasing "Hope and Faith" CD by Songbirdcindy

Hope and Faith is a compilation CD from Song in the Night, Morning Light, and Family CD's that I recorded, plus two singles never on a CD "The Widow Prays" and "17 Grandchildren, Seven Daughters and One Son". I chose 16 of my best, to encourage and help those struggling through difficult times to continue to Hope and to Trust God. This is my greatest desire... that people would be pointed in the direction of the God who has always loved them. Many people today have turned their backs on God, because life is hard. They don't realize that this life is NOT heaven and God is with them through it all. His love, comfort, and help are available- through Faith. He is the only one with unconditional Love.


May 18th. Key Note Speaker: Becky Brown at the Jonesroad Community Center, Bend Oregon I have been asked to sing and also speak at a separate "Break-Out" session. My session will be for Widow's who are ready to be re-activated for God and become mighty Praying Widow Warriors. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? May I recommend something to meditate on musically? Listen to "The Widow Prays" after reading "Isaiah 54". God is a husband to the Widow- Creator of the Universe, and he has not left her by mistake. Isaiah 54:5 "For your creator will be your husband; the Lord of Heaven's Armies is his name!" This to me is not just about Jerusalem, but is a word to every Widow... God looks after you and I believe needs you to join Heaven's Armies in these end times through powerful prayers, and reactivate your gifts. Come to Three Sisters Women's Conference and re-set your re-set button! May 18th, 2013


Hi, This is Cindy, Songbirdcindy... still passionate about giving away the song I wrote called "Heal Our Land" for others to listen to or record... for worship and to use it to be part of igniting the coming End time revival. If you are a Christian, and singer or listener who has a passion for souls - That none should perish... I invite you to take my song to the Nations, record it in any language, sing it in your churches, and encourage people to look into the mirror for the coming revival... asking God to show them what is not pleasing to Him. Reveal sin. And then respond to the Holy Spirit revealing. Start with me... show me my sin,,, let me see.. start with me... Heal Our Land. For more info: read my bio... it tells a bit of my story and why this is a passion I cannot let go of. Blessings, and I invite you to my site at LinkedIN. Join Christians from all over the world. www.LinkedIn.com/songbirdcindy

New Compilation CD "Hope and Faith"

Hello Friends, I just completed the Compilation Cd of 15 songs and it is listed at my store and is entitled "Hope and Faith" The link is below, and when you click on the purchase CD and then checkout, it brings you to a page with a secure server with the padlock on the lower left side. The album is $13.99 plus shipping for the cd and 10.99 for the download version. It is powered by Reverbnation and they place stores for thousands of Independent artists like myself. The CD will make a great christmas gift... or even a pre-christmas gift for those who are struggling with life. It is full of Inspirational songs I have written over the last couple decades. Many have recieved radio airplay and some charted on the indie charts or radio stations as high as # 2. Some of the songs are "SONG IN THE NIGHT" "LET IT SHINE" "CELEBRATION" "WIDOW PRAYS" "FAMILY" "WHOM SHALL IT FEAR" "SOLID GROUND" "WILDFLOWERS", TO NAME A FEW... AND ALWAYS INCLUDED IS "HEAL OUR LAND".


Songbird Music

Solid Ground - when your life gets you down... there is one relationship that will never leave you... He is Solid Ground. Let It Shine- I wrote this song in and Eighteen Wheeler... when I felt I had nothing to offer. God gave it to me as a gift of encouragement, now I give it to you. Whom Shall I Fear? It was written in response to a prayer. We were losing our business. I told God I thought I could make it through with His help. Could He give me a song to help me? That night I had a dream... and this song is the result of the dream... given the very next day. I went around singing "Whom Shall I Fear???" for days, because of what God put into my spirit man. My husband Jim couldn't understand, but God had placed something within me... that did not depend on our circumstances. Now I say, if you ask... God will help you. Maybe you will not escape the problem... But He will give you strength to see you through it. Afterward you are stronger... thanks to Him. When A Man Goes to the MTNS was written at Colter Bay, in front of the Grand Tetons... majestic Mountains just south of Yellowstone National Park. I saw a man and it was if I could see his thoughts and emotions as he was looking at these mountains... . He was wealthy and empty and searching for answers in the awesomeness of these beautiful mtns. I was given this song as I walked back to our campsite. God gave me this song to remind people of who He is... and to this day, I get away to the Mtns to see the evidence of His Creation Glory... displayed for us all to see.

Re-instating Ministries

As we speed toward the final Scene and the World grows colder toward their creator, many wounded Soldiers who are called to the battle are healing and being re-instated to their Ministries. God has been preparing you these years, and nothing about you is the same. For one, you now realize you do not have all the answers, and this humbler approach leaves you with several goals, To Love the Lord with your everything, And to Love others as you love yourself, so they will know that God and His Love are real. You are being called by the Holy Spirit to take your position, however large or small, to make a difference, because you know that Gods Heart is "He would that none would Perish!" and You understand that the "Laborers are few!" The pay is nominal, usually. And so you will go because of the fact Gods Heart lives in you and you cannot stand the thought of Satan robbing your loved ones, or Gods Creation of His Love and Eternal Joy. You understand that this requires forgiving every person who ever hurt you, by an act of your will. And you are also clear that God says "There is no Unforgiveness in Heaven. WE eliminate ourselves if we refuse to give up our grudges. How can angry people live in Heaven? So you Go Before God and confess your own sins before you head out to this Holy calling. More to come... Blessings to you, Songbirdcindy Cindy Tilkens-Jennings

Matters of Life and Death

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