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Michael "Big Dog" Murphy / Blog

My Landlord Has A Beautiful Lawn

Hi there! My name is Michael “Big Dog” Murphy. I’m a blues musician, guitar player, songwriter, recording artist, father, brother, uncle, nephew, husband, historian, cartoonist, college graduate, poet, writer of prose, believer of nothing and everything. Did I mention I’m a blues musician?

Most days, you will find me sitting on the couch in my living room, shirtless, wearing sweat pants, television on but not viewed, watching the burning incense smoke waft across the room and out an open door. More often than not, I am lost deep in thought about many things because my concentration is…, well let’s say my thoughts are easily distracted, moving quickly, hardly ever still. My mind is never quiet. I don’t go out much unless I have a gig. I don’t like to go out. Recluse? Maybe. But, I am more comfortable just sitting here, watching the incense smoke, and thinking.

Onstage it’s a much different story. It’s a different world. Onstage I am, I believe, what I’m meant to be. As I’ve always asserted, “I didn’t choose the blues, the blues chose me.” Onstage I come alive, even though age has caused me to have to sit for most performances. I hate that, but it is what it is. However, that doesn’t affect the music. I’m not a visual art, unless you’re watching my face, or my fingers on the fret board. But my music can and does invoke visual imagery through the auditory experience. As well, it calls on your own personal memories and brings them into the forefront, somehow connecting to the moment. And, to me, that’s my goal, my purpose, to connect. Being human, that’s only natural as we are very social animals. Well, most of us anyway.

My band mates and I connect all the time, onstage, through the music. We “zone” often during a performance, always returning to the present before the song ends. Somewhere along the way, we pick you up and take you with us. But we’ll bring you back, I promise. And hopefully, you will have purchased a postcard along the way to help you remember the trip. Bands can’t exist without the ability to connect, if only through the music. I have played in bands where the members have no or little connection. That’s a job and I won’t do it. Playing music, to me, is not nor should not be a job. It’s a way of life, not a cliché or a clock to punch. I love the music, I love the stage, I love the people who come listen.

I’m a blues musician. And if you ever come visit me, I know you’ll agree, my landlord’s lawn is beautiful.