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Bound By Karma / Blog

Where you at?

We are coming out strong for 2014! No pun intended. Come see us live, we have some huge shows coming up!

Blog 20120104

Technically, those who remember the first Bound By Karma lineup know JD is the only original member of the band who has remained in it. I would know. I saw the first lineup perform twice and even attended a few of their practices as a spectator. BBK was a completely different band before the original lineup disbanded. But as is the case with Karma, there must be reincarnation. After a change in backing band and setlist redefined BBK, this reincarnation rocked the mile-high city and collected a legion of both fans and haters before Tom played his last show with the band. Now Clayton has left the band as well to start the rest of his life in Craig. Where does this leave BBK? Appearing two consecutive years in KBPIs Best Band In Denver competition, as well as building a following in larger venues such as Gothic Theater, Summit Music Hall, and recently the Roxy, we have become too big to just start over again. In other words, you can call us BBK two-and-a-half. A couple limbs from this being were lost, but we successfully transplanted a new limb and are now just looking for one more match. And as you can probably tell, we are still playing the Roxy on 01/20/12. Stay cool, er, warm, and peace out.