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OLTB-Off Limits the Band / Blog

New Listener Reviews

When we post a Crowd Review, it's an unbiased comment from an anonymous listener. They know absolutely nothing about the band, the instrumentation, how many members, etc.

Recently, we asked for new reviews of our two originals. Our partner, Reverb Nation sends a link to 50 people of each song. Note that each person reviews one or the other but not both.

They are asked to write their opinion and rating on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest.

The compilation includes production quality, vocals, arrangement, commercial radio potential among others.

Any rating over 7 is considered Radio Ready! We are excited that your favorite "Stand Up" was rated 7.4.

Be sure and watch our status updates to read more.

A moment in time!

OLTB wants to be sure you know that thanks to your continued support, we had our best year ever!

We wish each of you a New Year filled with achieving your heart's desires and of course happiness, health and love!

Stay funky my friends!

It's definitely not boring

When you create music patience is perhaps the quality you need most.

We have been so close to recording our brand new arrangement of Stand Up. And each time in the last three months something has gotten the way...Namely weather!

So thanks for your patience! We are shooting for dates in January 2014. We know you'll stay tuned.

We wish you and your loved ones...

OLTB wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you enjoy the time with family and friends! This year value them and what you have even more! Life is so precious

Have a safe holiday from your friends OLTB

The Answer!

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Do we have it?

Do we have what it takes to become a commercial success? Only time will tell! We think so! Do you agree? We hope so!

We have one more rehearsal until we embark on our journey that begins in the studio...from there it's anybody's guess! You can help and as always it is most appreciated!! You can go here:http://reverbnation.com/oltb and become a fan, ask us a question, become a top fan, play and watch our music.

All of those help us build band equity! And that's the best way to propel us forward!

---Frank, Bob, Steve, Susan, Chris, Dave, Ken and Gary

Crowd Review

Crowd review is an independent critique of our music. Listeners are sent a link to hear a song and have only a certain amount of time to listen and rate on a scale of 1-10. With 10 being the highest.

These people know nothing about the band, members, city or any other identifying traits making this truly unbiased research.

Our rough cut original, Stand Up was chosen for review. We scored within the accepted range for commercial success of a 6.6.

Watch for select comments from this research in the coming days and weeks.

Thanks for your support!

Have you heard the news?

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If you missed what happened....

has been an Amazing 7 days! We just finished creating the final roadmap for our new originals. One or two more sessions and we'll be headed for the Studio.

Thanks to your never failing support, we spent the last 5 days as the Number 1 Ranked act for R&B acts in Dallas and Fort Worth on Reverb Nation!

And to top it all off, we eclipsed 10K profile views as of yesterday! Once again it's thanks to you!

We hope you enjoy these updates! Feel free to ask us a question or leave a comment at http://reverbnation.com/oltb

We are humbled by your support!

Almost time!

You know we had a delay do to a serious medical issue with one of our members! We are happy to report we get back to rehearsals tomorrow.

And that means we are closer to the studio. We hope to record two new songs at the end of the month.

We can't wait to share with you our new sound! And because of your support, we have been ranked number 1 four days straight. So kudos to you!

More updates soon at http://reverbnation.com/oltb