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Crunchy Flower / Blog

Finishing up final backup vocals

So we are just about to wrap up the final backup vocal takes for the album, then the final mixes and mastering and presto! The Debut Album....Planting Seeds....should be out in June woo hoo!

Back to the Studio!

We are back in the studio doing a more raw approach, live off the floor. As a band we feel this method captures the dynamic organic flow of the songs more as well as giving it that live human feel. All the bed tracks are laid and we are now moving forward with vocal and extra guitar and percussion tracking.

We have delayed the album release because we want a product that showcases what we feel our songs should be expressed like.

The band is also planning some video shoots, live and music video productions. Keep you all posted!

Peace and Love, Crunchy Flower

July is recording time!

So we are back into the studio for most of this month, have a potential date set for July 27th, keep you posted on that!

We have laid down some new material that we have been kicking around for a bit so we will rehearse it a little more and then record it and see what tracks make the debut album. Currently there are about 20 tracks with about 3-5 more coming down the pipe. So we aren't quite sure yet how many we will put on the album but are leaning towards 10-13... Peace and Love!

Busy Month of June!

The flowers have a busy month in June, back in the recording studio to have our debut album ready for late Aug early Sept we also have dates booked for June 1st, 2nd and 23rd.

Upcoming Gigs and Drummer Changes!

Crunchy Flower would like to thank Chris Zimmerman for all his hard work with the band, but Chris' schedule is just too full, so he is bowing out and Crunchy Flower would like to introduce Liam Melville as its new drummer! (More on Liam later)

Chris will be playing the gig at Greenfield's this Friday May 25th, Crunchy Flower hits the stage around 9pm! Its gonna be a killer night with Union Jack (60-70's British Rock Bands, Zep, Cream, Stones, Who etc...these guys are so good!)

Liam will make his debut at the Cabin on June 1st and Saturday June 2nd - Dickenson Days "Rock for Rogers House" at LaPiazza Restaurant, 5530 Main Street, Manotick at 5pm with Crunchy Flower.

Crunchy Changes

Been another busy month! We bid farewell to drummer Chris Zimmerman this month, his last gig is May 25th, Chris has a lot of projects on the go and doesn't have the time to commit fully to Crunchy Flower. We have recruited Liam Melville to fill in the drum position and are excited to start working with him. With three dates in the coming weeks Liam is getting up to speed very quickly and we look forward to gigging live with him.

Busy Busy

So the bands been super busy with shuffling schedules, playing gigs and recording. The album is due out this summer so most of the demo's will be polished and re recorded. We are thinking have the fans vote which tracks make the album since we have over 20!

Some new demo's are ready!

So in the last week we released the demo's for "To Be Free", "Creepy Sally" and we are just about to release "Feelin High" and "Paint a Picture". The last three are all new songs.

We will release more in the next week or two!

Recordings are getting polished

Laying down a few more tracks and getting them mixed, we are still on target for the end of the month with the 8 songs. Mixing is going excellent and we are excited for the final product.

Latest Recordings

We hit the studio on December 27th and we manage to lay down 8 tracks in less than 3 hours! Over the next 2 weeks we will re track, mix and master and they should be done by January 20-25th 2012. Three of the songs are new and went over very well at our annual Tipsy Eve Xmas party so we are very excited to see what the masses opinions are! Hope everyone had a super holiday season! CF