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Next show with my band, Cry Baby Ranch, is in Parkville, Missouri at Frank James Saloon on November the 30th. Anyone coming?

New/old tune...Now Goodbye Me

Just spent time in the studio with Pat Tomek and Molly Hammer finishing vocals on a tune I wrote years ago. Donna Holman had heard it and recorded it last year, thank you Big D. I decided to go ahead and do so myself. The amazing Molly knocked it out on take one, we did a second for fun. Molly did her backing vocals with only one retake on one chorus. I am so pleased to have the dobro and mandolin from the Modern Hicks (California, please check them out and buy a cd) playing on this recording. Hopefully Pat will get it mixed before he and the Rainmakers head overseas to tour. When I have Now Goodbye Me posted a slow version of Boom, Boom, Boom should be good to go featuring Kathleen Knuckler on vocals and Stephanie Bryan on trombone. Now Goodbye Me should be posted by Monday. Thanks for listening.

Boom, Boom, Boon

Most folks what until a project is complete, got it's high heels and lip stick on but I am taking you into the bathroom to watch me get dressed. You first heard guitar, bass and vocals. Last night we added trombone. Pat my engineer and producer is heading out to tour Norway on Monday so the next addition won't be happening until March or so. Trying to attach video of Mrs. Bryan playing the trombone.

India50  (almost 3 years ago)

Hey Lindy - Suze here. How are you? I retired from S.F. then Dad died a few mos later. It's been a hellish year. Ran away for six mos but back in town now. Stumbled across this website today and found you on it! Hope you're well. We were friends once. Call me, or something, if you have time.

anyone out there?

Looking forward to completing this project. Talk to me?

Boom, Boom Boom

If you're reading this you'll noticed I added Boom again. This is the new version in progress. Awaiting to lay down addition vocals and trombone! Thanks for listening. Have a happy day.

Saturday Night

I am confident no one has read this so it is kinda feeling like a private diary. I wrote Boom in two minutes and invited Julie to write a third verse as I was trying to get her to write with me. As bands go I quit the band I started with her because of artistic differences. She's done well and I'm happy doing what I want. Anyway....I've reclaimed Boom, Boom, Boom rewriting the third verse, changing the key and tempo. Popular Kansas City performer, Kathleen Kunckler is doing the vocals on this remake. We'll hopefully get the talented Val Mackey to come in and add her vocal chops. To go outside the box I'll have Stephanie Bryan lay down a trombone solo. Hey what the heck? I had some other addition but I've forgotten....anyone out there?

Ted Hoffman
Ted Hoffman  (about 3 years ago)

Cool! I'm listening as I write this!!!

Lindy Griffith
Lindy Griffith  (about 3 years ago)


Back from the rain and Winfield.

Thursday night was fun walking around the campground playing with a bunch of pickers. It was very cold Thursday night so I the next night I slept in my car. Yea. I love the Hot Club of Cowtown and always enjoy their performances. The flat picking competition was percussively accompanied by the rain on the tin roof and at one point there was a break as they competitors could not be heard. Saturday afternoon the rain returned. Not much of a report but then is anyone reading? On my way down to the Plaza Art Fair to hear Kathleen Kunkler perform. Look for a recording in a couple of weeks featuring Kathleen. We planned to record this over a year ago and we're finally getting it done next week!

On my way to Winfield.

My trunk is packed with the following: tent, chairs, fire ring and lounge chair. No brainer on which guitar to take, the '69 D-18 I paid $225 for in high school(thank you Willie LaMons) which Jim Baggett glees in telling me it'll never be worth more than it is now. Breaking Winfield tradition I'm tossing in my Titano accordion in case my neighbors drink a lot and are of German or Italian decent. It has been six years since I've been(gave the trip to my ex in the divorce) but now it is time to reclaim this trip which I need so very much. I look forward to hooking up with old musician friends from Emporia while I'm there and playing with them. I hope to find some solitary time to finish a couple of songs that have been brewing for some years. In closing as I look at photographs of the campgrounds now I am awed by the comparison of when I first attended in 1976 when the attendance was in the hundreds and Stuart Mossman was alive. Next blog I'll tell you about meeting him. If you have listened to the four tunes I have posted it is easy to hear I am all over the map because I do "love music, as long as it's grooving". I plan to take my computer and check in if anyone is listening. Lindy Sue