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The Hungry Monks / Blog

Trying to keep up!

Always trying to keep up with blog posts. The Hungry Monks have been busy with Grateful Dead Wednesdays at The Pour House. A couple of Monks have been putting in some quality time in the pit at The Dock Street Theater playing for Charleston Stage's production of The Wiz. Spoleto season is upon us here in Charleston and The Hungry Monks will be playing throughout that festival. Then the summer takes us to points North. We'll keep you up to date.

Fall 2011

The school year is getting back in the groove and The Hungry Monks are back from summer adventures. We have lots of good stuff coming up: Grateful Dead nights at The Pour House, weekends at Tommy Condon's Irish Pub, a couple of nice private concerts in Greenville, SC, and an end of the year concert at The Stanhope House in NJ with our good friends The Damian Calcagne Band. Keep checking us out. We'll see you out there.

Summer 2011, part 1

The Hungry Monks completed Phase 1 of the Summer 2011 Tour. Camping out in NY State Parks and playing music seems like a great way to spend the summer, or at least a bit of it. Our annual stay in the Ithaca, NY area was a big time. After a couple of years playing at The Pour House in Trumansburg, NY we were initially sad to hear of it's closing. As luck would have it, the venue was reopened as Dorothy's Music Room, and we continued our annual run at this location. Dorothy herself was great and the small but appreciative crowd was wonderful. We also played at Gimme Coffee in Ithaca, a great little coffee house where we didn't use any sound equipment because the room sounded just that good. Our next adventure begins this coming weekend as we hook up with old friends and play a couple of shows in NJ. Stay tuned.


Looking back at my last BLOG I realize I haven't written anything since our winter snow storm. I still don't know if anyone reads these posts, but I'm pushing on anyway. It's been a busy spring for The Monks including lots of local gigs, a Piccolo Spoleto concert, and a couple of gigs at the County Parks. We are now beginning our annual Northeast tour. Leaving for a couple of New York State shows this week, then back to NJ for a couple of gigs and hopefully some recording time with our friend Damian Calcagne. As always, we're looking to see our friends at these concerts. Visiting family and friends, playing music and traveling, The Hungry Monks are trying to keep the Monk spirit on the road as we travel and leave our friends back home to keep the fires burning.

Snowed out!!!

I left the snowey weather 25 years ago. This past December we were caught in the great New Jersey Blizzard and we had a snowed out gig. It was just a bar gig so we thought "why get folks all liquered up and then send them out into the snow". Trying to be socially concious. Back in the South and it's good weather time. Lots of playing at two main venues. Covering the Grateful Dead Nights at The Pour House. Always a good jam.

The Monks play The Dead

Wednesday's at the Pour House Deck are acoustic Grateful Dead night and The Hungry Monks don't need too much persuasion to play Dead tunes all night. We have been filling in for a couple of other bands who hold down that gig and we'e having s blast. Our fiddle player is also a great piano player and so he's been setting up an electronic keyboard and giving us some great piano and B3 sounds. A couple of harmonica playing friends have pitched in here and there to give us that authentic Pigpen sound. Hopefully, more of these will come our way.

The Monks conquer 96

That's right, we've finally made it in Ninety-Six, SC. Yes, that is the name of the town. Our friends at Homemade Genius put together a huge music and art festival in 96 and The Hungry Monks performed twice. Once on the main stage with the whole group, and then late at night at the more intimate indoor Homemade Genius stage with just Hazel and John. They put us up in a nice Bed & Breakfast and we got some much needed rest since the following day we were expected back in Charleston to play the Jazz Vespers at the Circular Congregational Church. All in all, a busy weekend.

Back in Charleston

After a bunch of gigs "up North", from New Jersey to Banff Canada, The Hungry Monks are back at home in Charleston, SC putting the finishing touches on the production of the new CD and setting up concerts and workshops at Hungry Monk Music. Summertime for musician's can be tricky, but I think we pulled this one off pretty well.

Off to Ithaca

After a surprise takeover of the deck at Adam's Beer Garden last night (thanks Chris and John), The Hungry Monks (basic unit) takes off for Ithaca, NY for a few gigs, some street playing, and a meal at The Moosewood Restaurant. The whole family is suddenly piling into cars for the trip. Back in NJ for the July 4th Party (actually happening on July 3rd).