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Hello everybody. I’m making some changes to the this blog.  So for the time being I have unpublished all these posts.  I’ll put them back on line as we go through them.  thanks. You can also visit me at http://www.trichordist.com  Filed under: Uncategorized

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#78 No more bullshit. The top 10 lamest excuses for stealing artists music

I am on the fucking warpath this week. Lamest arguments in favor of illegal file sharing from the past week. I’m not making this shit up. These are real arguments people presented. And argued vehemently. 1. “Marijuana is illegal. File sharing is illegal. Therefore it’s okay.” Response try filesharing your pot dealer’s stash with 5,000 […]

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#77 Exile in Beach Flats–Lulu Land, Wasted and Surf City 1985

Ted Kaczynski’s Santa Cruz vacation shack. 04 Lulu Land In 1982 I lived in the tiniest house imaginable.  It was at most 400 square feet yet it boasted a kitchen, bathroom, living room and two bedrooms.  My bedroom was 6 x 10 feet.  big enough for for a single mattress on a small platform. The […]

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#74 Hits are Black Swans-Take the Skinheads Bowling

The Black Swan Theory or Theory of Black Swan Events is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept that The event is a surprise (to the observer) and has a major impact. After the fact, the event is rationalized by hindsight.- wikipedia. 12 Take The Skinheads Bowling  (click to play) I’ve mentioned this before.  Success in the music business is completely […]

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#70 I Sold the Arabs the Moon- When we fly we all become philosophers.

06 I Sold The Arabs The Moon First of all let me openly acknowledge I am hijacking my blog for a few days to talk about the songs on my upcoming solo album  The Palace Guards.  Available everywhere Feb 1st. And I know I have a lot of competition this week.  It looks like a […]

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# 68 The Long Plastic Hallway-Playing on a Flying Saucer with The Talking Heads.

  12 The Long Plastic Hallway “The music business is cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway, where thieves and pimps run free, where good men die like dogs.  And then there is a negative side.”-attributed to Hunter S. Thompson There is actually a debate as to whether Hunter S. Thompson said this […]

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#67-Turquoise Jewelry- Grace Slick Where Art Thou?

  07 Turquoise Jewelry come down from that condominium treehouse stop driving around in that station wagon with the wood on the side take off that jumpsuit you look like grace slick staying up all night drinking that 7-11 coffee Funny story about this song.  It was all pretty much based on the alleged sighting […]

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#66 -Raise ‘Em Up On Honey. Notes on the etymology of the word cracker

  The word Cracker has an interesting history one that I felt worthy of further elaboration. It’s origination is widely disputed. Was it from the  ’crack’ of the whip of the white vaqueros that herded  Spanish cattle in Georgia and Florida? Was it because they were such  poor people they cracked and ate their seed […]

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#59 Stairway to Heavan (sic)- In Praise of Half Baked Ideas and Unfinished things. The importance of not being earnest.

“C amper Van Beethoven” II and III.  I think the C fell off the paste up board and was incorrectly lined up again.  Camper Van Beethoven placed the Star of David on the album for no other reason than to confuse people.  The symbol has such heavy meaning while this record was purposely devoid of […]

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#57 Can I Take My Gun Up To Heaven. Hollywood Cemetery. Richmond And Oregon Hill Part 3

Church Hill is on the opposite side of downtown from The Fan and Oregon Hill. But firmly on the East West Axis.  Indeed this is the original city center. The city shifted first west than stretched north and south.  Leaving the old city center Church Hill isolated from the main life of the City. 08 […]

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