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Generation Project / Blog

Our Fall Gratitude

Greetings fans, As we get ready to give thanks to everything that's meaningful in our lives, I invite you to share our latest & 1st concept album, 'Our Fall'. The fall is a time for loss & rebirth and has many meanings. It can be a fall from grace, the fall of loved ones, friends come & gone, the fall of a relationship and people that have passed on into the next life. The album is meant to be listened to in it's entirety. So welcome to our fall! Sincerely, Julio Seda, Jack Rivera, Christopher Seda, Julio Seda IV We are The Generation Project

Rock 'N' Roll is here to stay!

There's no rest for the weary. Not content with sitting on their laurels, The Generation Project comes roaring back to delight us with yet another salvo of beautiful music, enchanting lyrics and old school charm. This band just keeps on producing cd after cd of classy, classic songs that remind us of what music once was and of what new music should be. Thank you TGP for yet another successful compilation of ear candy. And the band plays on!!! -Jack Rivera of The Generation Project

Back & Kickin' it 'Old School'!

After a what seemed to be an all too long, yet albeit brief respite from our "evolution," it's safe to say the band is back and in rare form with it's brand new 6th release 'Old School'. But the dominant sound of the album is the Generation Project in full cry as a fledgling rock 'n' roll band, with no plodding song paces, you're free to take this groups sound purely on it's own modernist terms: With audacious chord choices, the steamroller power of the harmonies, jangling Rickenbackers alongside the confident twang of Gretsch Guitars while supported by a thundering rhythm section of Ludwig drums and a trusty Hofner bass all assembled by band and producer grown more comfortable with each other. There's plenty of detail to make for ear candy but Old School is perhaps the band's most straightforward album: You notice the pure hooks first and can ponder on how they were arrived later on after each listen. -Julio Seda Jr.IV of The Generation Project

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4th times a charm

The Generation Project is back! With its unmistakable sound , that will remind you why you are such an avid follower, and, if you are a first time listener, promises to turn you into a rabid fan. In this, its 4th. installment, TGP offers everything, from dulcet ballads to foot stomping country and rock renditions. This CD will not disappoint, as you sit back and marvel at the unique creativity that defines this prolific quartet. So come and experience the magic that is TGP and I'm sure you'll agree, that it's everything you've imagined music to be, and more!

War Is Over!

“Happy Holidays! Join us on the new Beatlesque influenced Lp as only can be played by Generation Project! Enjoy!!! ”

— Julio Seda, The Generation Project