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Vinx / Blog


I love the Olympics. The strength shown by these athletes, both physical and in their character, amazes me. I applaud each and every one of the athletes that makes it that far. But, it saddens me to know what the men and women feel who are not able to go - who may have posted the 4th fastest time in the world - but who don't make the top three from our country and so cannot go.... I too could not go. In 1980 I made the US Olympic Team for Track & Field. I had posted the 2nd longest triple jump indoors at that point - I knew I could win - but my country decided to boycott the Olympics that year. What followed was one of the most difficult periods of my life. But I wrote about it - the song Tell My Feet is my personal anthem to that time - and I persevered. My heart goes out to all the athletes in our country - your champion spirit will prevail, win or lose, if you let it! I salute you! v