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Discern the times...

Lots of ramped-up stuff going on. The Bible says in Matt. 24:36 that no-one knows the exact time of the onset of end-time events like the rapture, not even Jesus. But we are to discern the 'signs of the times' -- and they are everywhere! To turn away and claim ignorance puts one is in danger of allowing themselves to be categorized as a -- yes, you guessed right, a Biblical fool. As for me, I am ready. Even so, COME LORD JESUS!! For now it's a return to my first callings, art and music. I have a new painting in the works, and a new song I've written with my 12-string, called 'I Wonder When' -- just about ready to record. A friend has expressed an interest in doing a video of it, very exciting! Thanks for your prayers. Blessings to all!