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suzy bevan / Blog

on getting it all down on paper

I am finally going to get it all down. I am going to have to write it as fiction but so what? Even the very act of deciding to do it has lifted a weight off my shoulders. This is not the first attempt but this is the one where I am surer of who I am and what I need to do. I know there will be fallout from this but such is life.

Isnt it amazing,the ego of some people?

The bass guitarist in the band who ripped me off once asked me if I thought I was more talented than him. HIs bass was not even plugged in for the entirety of the bands tour of 1991-1992,whic kicked off in Orlando florida. I was astonished that he felt insecure enough to ask me that question considering he is a bit of a joke in the music industry. He thinks the public views him the way they do the lead singer or the lead guitarist but that is not the case. The band I am talking about are Irish in case you havent guessed.

This is supposed to be an equal opportunities thing

It is amazing for me how few well-known female songwriters there are out there. I am not talking about singer-songwriters but songwriters who have no interest in being singers. That is where I come in. I have not an intention in the world of ever being a singer. Occasionally I toy with the idea of getting singing lessons but then I shy away from it. I guess I tend to dream my biggest when I am penniless. I love the American songwriter Diane warren and would love to be doing what she is doing. And you know what, I will keep at it until I do.

We have to keep on dreaming.

I know that I have as much chance as anyone else at succeeding in the music industry and it certainly open to anyone who wants to go for it. I love the democracy of the internet. Anyone who wants to go for it can just go for it. I can remember being at school telling my classmates that I wanted to be a songwriter and now here I am, doing my thing. There is joy to be had in following a dream.

One can only move forward really

A long time ago I was badly ripped off in the music industry and so now I am a bit fanatical about protecting my work.I was devastated as we hd been friends for a long time.I still resent them for what they did to me of course and it put me off songwriting for a long time and then I realised hw daft it was to think like that.Creativity will not be stifled like a forgotten dream and we should always move on and do what we do best.

And so i continue dreaming

I am loving getting my music out there.I know I am not a singer but then again I am not trying to be.My talent lies in putting songs together.I dont want to do anything but this and so I will keep at it until such time as I succeed.;).

some people can be so jealous

I ws an extra on a movie called THE HONEYMOONERS Starring eric stoltz.I chatted to him a few times and then got accused by the extras director of running after him.You hv to be very careful who you chat to on a movie.Especially if he is married,American and cute.It can have all sorts of ramifications.

back at the international bar getting the gossip

I ws in the international bar again last night and i heard a most scurrilous piece of gossip and I was not surprised as this comedian doesn't strike me as the happily married kind.Anyone who praises their wife that often is up to something in my opinion.I don't feel a huge wave of sympathy for his wife as this is how she met him.


I was at the INTERNATIONAL BAR yesterday and I managed to get my hands on some VIAGARA for the gentleman caller so he will be delighted with that.He has told me that he wants to be the man who introduces VIAGARA to his little village on the west coast.I am glad to be of assistance providing I can help him test-drive them;).

Life in the creative field

I do love working as an extra here in Ireland as I love to watch a scene coming together.I have been in several films and tv series and am off to an audition here on Friday.It is for a tv drama to be called WHEN HARVEY MET BOB and it is about the run up to LIVE-AID.I am betting that I am the only person there who actually knows who the Harvey in the title is. I hope I get some extra work soon as my agent seems to have forgotten that I exist.