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Raj Mahal and The Shades / Blog

What was old and broke is now New and Running

Got my new monitor for the studio so I'm looking forward to recording with Mr. Aflafla and Mr. Hunt. See you tomorrow, gentlemen...

Things That Make You Go, Hmmmmmmm...


Just for a moment...

Just for a moment, I'd like to trade places with all the whiney "rock stars" who bitch and moan about how they have no privacy. How people think they can just come up to them anytime and ask for an autograph. Personally, I'd like to have some of that no privacy, can I have your autograph. Hey, you're the one who sought it out, now you want to change the rules? You get paid an enourmous sum of money to write songs and perform for your fans. I work 12 hour days in the medical field and make now where near what you do, yet I help save lives and help others when they're on their last legs. There's no one asking for my autograph and yes I have plenty of privacy. But I also have a mortgage, children to put through school and raise on my own, and take care of my parents, who are starting to develope dementia and alzheimers. I can't afford nannies and live in nurses to help me. It's all on me. I am a musician and the few times that I get to go into my little home studio and create are a blessing to me. So, next time you start to gripe about the "trappings of stardom", don't forget there are a lot of people who would give anything to be in your position....just sayin'...

To Nashville

You know, if I had the opportunity to move to Nashville to try and make a name for myself in the Music Industry, I'd be kicking down every door I could to get my music noticed. Not only that, but I'd be writing as many good songs as I could in as short a time as I could. Whether it's Nashville, L.A., New York, Austin, Chicago, or Seattle, while trying to make it in the music business (an oxymoron I know) is NOT the time to become involved in drugs and alcohol to the extent that it impairs your ability to make good music. And if you're content to move to one of the aforementioned cities and basically piss your shot away, then get the hell out of the way for the next guy who's serious about getting his one shot. Raj Mahal

Super Dave Comes Through...The Roof...

...Literally, through the roof of the supplier and straightened the whole Saskatchewan Salmon Skin mess out. Now Pat can focus totally on music, knowing that his drum throne problems are solved.

Mark Patrick "Pat" Aflafla

Raj Mahal & the Shades welcomes new drummer, Mark Patrick "Pat" Aflafla. "Pat", as he likes to be called, hails from Flin Flon, Manitoba. He says "Eh" a lot and will answer to "Frost Bitten Canadian Boy" after consuming mass quantities of Hamm's Beer. His percussion skills are legendary and he brings a unique sound & vision as the newest member of the Shades. He replaces Rudolph "Rudy" Myhnt. Rudy, unfortunately, OD'd on "christian" and was last seen wearing black & yellow spandex & chasing some has been christian rock band's bus down the highway. We all wish for Rudy to come to his senses soon and come back to the Rock and Roll world. Get Well, Rudy and Welcome to our own Little Corner of Hell, Pat!!!

More new music coming soon

Since I posted "Get Out" last week, it's quickly becoming the new favourite in my song list. We've got more new songs coming and hopefully will have the CD ready for mastering by the end of July. Raj would like to say a big thank you to the Shades, Mike & Rudy, for their invaluable help in this project.

New music...or lack thereof...aka WTF is going on with the Grammys?

The only justice I saw in this years Grammys, was that Esperanza Spaulding won for "Best New Artist", beating out Justin Beiber, who, when the camera was on him, looked shocked that he didn't win. But that was the only positive in this years Grammys. Did anyone besides myself notice that "Song Of The Year", Need You Now, by Lady Antebellum, who also won for "Record Of The Year" & "Best Country Album", sounded a lot like a song from 29 years ago? I'm talking about the Alan Parsons Project song "Eye In The Sky". In my humble opinion, it wasn't just a couple of chord progressions but the complete melody on the chorus. I smell a lawsuit. And what about "Best Rock Album"? Come on...The Muse beats out not just Neil Young, but Jeff Beck, Tom Petty, & Pearl Jam...Really???? That's right up there with Jethro Tull winning the Grammy for Best Metal Band. When I look at the Billboard Chart in the back of my Rolling Stone and see things like Kidz Bop Kids, WOW:The Gospel, & Glee: The Music, I realize that maybe Armageddon really is just around the corner.

Back to work

Back to work on new songs today. Plus, some mixing on the side. The "Angry Snow Song" is shaping up, & according to the weather guy, I should have more inspiration in the next day or so. Yippee! I want to thank everyone who has been checking out this page and listening to my music. I promise as soon as I can figure some of these things out, I'll have music to download. Takes me a little longer to figure some things out since my illness. My brain don't work as well as it used to. Everyone have a great week. Raj

Snow...More Freakin' Snow...

Just what I, and everyone else, needs...more snow. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting cabin fever. I was supposed to play a gig tonight with my good friend, Grant Pierson, but right now it's up in the air...literally. What the weather people said would be "a light dusting, shouldn't even stick on the roads" has turned into about 2 inches so far at my house. Oh, and the road is completely obscured. And seeing as I live on top of a freakin' mountain, I'm sure getting down would be not problem, it's getting back up that concerns me. So, I guess I'll wait out the rest of the afternoon and see what Cisco says later. In the meantime, I've added a snappy little ditty called "What I Want". Give it a listen. No, it's not a rocker, but it may just make you smile.