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Damien Jordan / Blog

post this pre that

i've been thinking about instrumentation a lot lately... the kind of backing sounds or noises we hear in songs we love that we don't even know we're listening to... it's like being at work when the central AC shuts down and suddenly you realize what a roar you're hearing every day...

i've responded to a few people online looking for people to play with... mostly guitarists... and they all say the same thing... they dig the music i write and they like the songs...

i'd really love to be able to produce something like Death Cab for Cutie's "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" - the introduction to that song has this otherly swirl effect that sounds like guitar strings and pianos moaning so far in the distance that it's like emotional echoes from somewhere you can't quite place anymore... just memories that remain...


Friday July 9 show at The District

Ask anyone... I don't blog... BUT, I've decided that if something comes up that is of note, then I'll post some thoughts on "how the show went". Friday, July 9, 2010 - The District... Very cool show - A well-respected friend showed up with her cousin and cheered me from the back while a small but dedicated crowd stopped to get a good portion of the set... I also saw two cameras get flipped on for VIDEO and they caught whole versions of the live performance... That was one of the best compliments I've ever gotten... On top of that, I got tipped $20 in odd bills... Really got the weekend off to a good start... Thanks folks!