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Mark Buerschaper / Blog

Teleclipse is Available For Your Computer Atmosphere!

Teleclipse is now available for FREE download by becoming a fan! Just press the "Become A Fan" button. For all of the initiated fans, you know what to do. : ) Videos will be forthcoming soon! Mark

Teleclipse Is Upon Us?

Well, at least the release is. : ) Teleclipse is my latest release and I am extremely please to be able to finally have it finished and available for download beginning this August. Teleclipse is actually, the first concept album that I have ever recorded and in many ways similar to a play or mini series. The videos will be posted in order of story narration and I hope you will follow them. Teleclipse is the story of a traveling singer/songwriter, whom we will call John Q. Fokesinger. He lives on a planet very far from here and it is called Htrae. (Silent T. Pronounced Hurray). He is a bit of a traveling singer/songwriter that has to drive through jungle overgrowth on very desolate roads to travel from gig to gig. Htrae is very much like earth. It has an internet service called the PPP (Peripheral Planetary Protocol). Upon you can utilize a social networking program called the Book of Faces. They also have various a chain of stores that sell nervous system stimulants called Scarbucks. Our hero John, is scraping by on his little monies he makes from his lives shows when he encounters a life changing event called Teleclipse. I hope that my fans enjoy the release and will share the song and video links. The songs will be available for free for fans and those that become fans before being sold on various online retail sites. Also stay tuned for the video uploads of episodes/songs and look for live appearances in the near future. Thank you for your support. Mark

So I Lied! : )

In my last blog, I had promised that the new release would be arriving this spring. Well, as many of you know, spring has come and gone. However I can tell you that the final mixing is being done and the release date will begin around the end of July. The reason I say "begin", is that this release is a concept album and will be telling a story chapter by chapter as much if not more than song by song. The composition arrangements are fairly sparse and will not feature the amount of instrumentation of past releases. Also, the release will feature nothing but songs that are composed entirely on cigar box guitars. I think that many of my fans will find the sound and style a bit more "unique" than some of my previous works. That being said, I look forward with great anticipation to bring you an epic, (and I do mean EPIC) tale set to song. Mark

Progress is Slow But Steady

The tracks have been laid down for the next release due out this spring. This collection of songs is going to be epic. Literally. That's about all I can say right now. Also in the works, is a live album which in addition to cuts from this spring's release, will also feature classics and fan favorites from "No Figment of Imagination", "Triple Love Bookends", "Nashville Byline" and "My Work Pages". Be sure to drop a line to me and tell me what your favorite song is from the forementioned releases, and I will be sure to include it in the live set. Until later, thank you for your support. Mark

The reviews are in!!!

"Christmas Memories Remain" is now out and about and the reviews are in: " Great! My daughter danced around the room!" " That's real good!" "Heck Yes!!! GREAT song" "

New Videos and More Going Into April.

O.k. well first I HATE Reverb Nation's new blogging layout, the old one was FAR better.

That being said, be sure to check out new videos that I have been posting from Belmont University's Curb Cafe shows. "Lullaby for the Sweeper" has been posted as well as "Idol Wannabes With Guitars".

These might be easier to view on You Tube because Reverb Nation changed the artist video listing so that is is in a jumble, so it pretty much sucks as much as their blog design.

Other than that, the push is on to fill the rest of the spring/summer concert season with some more shows before I head into the studio to record my fifth release.

And finally, thank you for your support. Especially within the last two weeks, I have jumped from the 98th position to the 21st here on the Reverb Nation songwriter's chart. I have know idea why. It hasn't reflected in download sales on I Tunes but nevertheless I appreciate the acknowledgement.

That being said, I am off to down some night time flu relief which I managed to procure with proper id and the promise to the drugstore clerk that I am not going to create a crystal meth lab with one bottle's worth. : ) (It's very complex buying night time cold meds here in Nashville). Hopefully this will relieve my cough and prevent me from hacking all over my hard boiled eggs and jelly beans on bunny day.

Thank you for your support and see you at a show.


Good and Bad News.


It has been awhile since my last blog post and I thought I would use this opportunity to bring you some good and bad news.

First the good. I have just uploaded my latest video entitled "Union Man" it is the first video release from "My Work Pages" and I hope you enjoy it. Please contact me and let me know. I appreciate input from my fans and look forward to your comments and criticism.

For the bad news. Due to the high costs of being an independent artist, I will be curtailing some of my activities here on Reverb Nation. Many of the added features are very costly and until I can financially afford some of these features, I will have a limited presence on Reverb Nation.

Not to worry though. You will still be able to follow me on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to help, with promoting my music, feel free to share my videos with your friends and let them know that my music is for sale on I Tunes and many other online stores.

You can also help by going to live music venues and ask them to book me at their establishment.

Also be sure to stop by the Mark Buerschaper Singer/Songwriter site on Facebook and give it a "like". The more "likes" allow for more opportunities for performing at various music venues.

Thank you for the support and I look forward to seeing you at the next show.



Video News, Oh Video News.

As we approach mid September, I would like to announce that the "Union Man" video will be coming out by the end of this month.

Also, be on the lookout for video clips from my recent show at Blue Coast Burrito of Cool Springs. These clips are fairly unique because I am required to perform without a p.a. or amplifier. On the downside, it is very hard for some of my softer material to be heard in a restaurant setting. On the upside, I have to project and probably put out a bit more energy than normal. It was a fun experience though, performing in this manner due to it's "old school" environment.

Finally, I would like to share with you that I now have 1,175 fans on Reverb Nation. I thank all of you and appreciate your support. At this time however, I only have 24 "Likes" on Facebook. Quite a difference huh? So if you have a chance, stop by ye olde FaceBook page at: www.facebook.com/.../Mark-Buerschaper-SingerSongwriter/ Thank you for your support as always.

To All In The Mutual Admiration Society

Greetings to all my fellow writers and performers here at ReverbNation. I would like to take this moment to thank you for becoming a fan of my music and hopefully and pretty much assuredly, I have become a fan of your music also.

While I do appreciate the fan count going up, I do notice that while we all do a lot of patting on the back, very few of you (at times, myself is included) have become fans of another artist music while not really getting into any specifics about why you like the artist that you have "Liked" or "Fanned".

It is with this in mind, that I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging my fans, to say why they like my music, or even why they don't like my music. I will do the same for you in the most courteous and constructive of ways.

What this means, is that you will have to come up with better explanations than "Your Song Rocks" or the ever popular "Your Song Sucks". (Those of you that may have taken any visual art classes and have gone through the dreaded "critique" sessions will immediately know what I am referring to.)

That being said, let the games begin.

Rock on.


Thoughts on The Last Concert Dates


July, has been as busy month for shows and sometimes no shows at all. (More on that in a moment)

The first show at Heine Brothers cafe in Louisville KY was interesting, due to the fact that I was to appear outside on the patio. That was until the thunderstorm rolled in. Upon learning of the impending storm, I questioned the staff in regard to performing and they said that indoor performances were not allowed. I will admit that this perturbed me ever so slightly, since I had made the trek from Nashville TN to appear at their venue. After placing a phone call to my booking contact, he then informed the cashier to allow me to perform inside. This was interesting because there was no p.a. available. Nevertheless, yours truly went old school and turned up the volume on his wind pipes. The crowd seemed to appreciate my bellowing with the exception of the patrons that were intent on listening to the headphones that were plugged into their laptops. ( I assure my questionable readers, that they already had their headphones on before my performance. (G) ) A show such as this one really makes this modern performer appreciate the folk and blues singers that have had to perform during much of their careers, without the benefits of modern amplification.

Upon my arrival in Chicago, I took the opportunity to head out to an open mic in Naperville IL called Miss Kitty's Saloon and found some very talented entertainers performing there. The crowd was very receptive and the venue had a working p.a., which was a plus.

Then Tuesday happened. Upon arrival at the SoPo lounge in Chicago IL. I found the site of my showcase concert locked, with the lights off. At about that time, some of my relatives in Chicago arrived at the lounge to see my show and wanted to know what had happened? As I was blubbering about possible explanations, the booking agent for the club and informed me of a power outage which had forced the club to close for the evening. He then proceeded to apologize profusely for the lack of communication. Oh well, that happens. Since none of the other businesses on the block had endured a power outage, I found solace in a few beers and some games of billiards with my relatives. So much for the showcase.

Finally, I had the opportunity to perform a 3 hour concert at Joey G's in Madison IN. This was a wonderful venue with an excellent pa system. The staff from the sound engineer to the waitress and bartender were very attentive and despite a low crowd turnout, turned out to be a great evening. The restaurant/club is a bit off of the beaten path but is worth playing if you are in the area. (By the way, the bbq prime rib sandwich is awesome). I drove four hours from Nashville to play there and drove four hours back the same night and as tired as I was the next day, I felt good about the show. I filmed much of the concert and will be posting bits of it in the near future, so be on the lookout.

That's about it for now. Oh yeah, by the way, my latest release "My Work Pages" is now available for download on I Tunes, so be sure to download your favorite 99 cent tune. You can find it here:


Be sure to review and rate it while you are there. Also toss me a "like" on Facebook if you haven't, and as always, thank you for your support.