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The Liberty Music Fest & more...

Hey Gang, If it seems like it's been a really long time without a REVEL 9 update, well, you're right. And that's completely on me. Truth is, we've been so busy with the releases from the new record, that we just have a chance to sit and reach out to all of you. That stops now (hopefully). We're going to be making every effort to keep our core group of fans (that's you) up to date and in the know on all things REVEL 9... and that starts with telling you about the Liberty Music Fest. This Saturday, Aug 23rd, REVEL 9 returns to Philadelphia and the Liberty Music Festival - a FIVE day music concert and conference being held at Finnigan's Wake, 537 North 3rd St (3rd and Spring Garden) Philadelphia, PA 19123. We'll be taking the stage sometime in the 8PM hour, and there will be additional performances by Midnight Mob, Steve Haley Band, Stealing Fame, Mile Marker Zero, Satellites Fall, Angel Vilvaldi, In the Presence of Wolves and PLENTY more... so you KNOW it's going to be a great show! We hope to see a bunch of you there, otherwise, we've got plenty more on the horizon, including our next show with Bobaflex and the release of The Reality Crush. We'll be back in touch soon, promise! ~dj (kaz, nidal & tony, too) / REVEL 9 revel in it! PS: If you haven't already gotten your FREE copy of the first release from The Reality Crush, go get it now: http://soundcloud.com/revel9/the-good-fight-mp3

Post Production Update!

We have 6 masters (out of 7 tracks) back for the upcoming record, and i've gotta tell you, I really never thought we'd be able to do better than The Razorblade Diaries. I guess we learned a little more along the way than i thought - I know i can speak for the band when i say WE CAN'T WAIT to get this record to you... And i certainly hope you dig it as much as we do!

We're trying to figure out when and how to release it now, but i'll have more blog updates as we start tossing ideas around... until then!


Not So True Story: Craving Strange

Before moving to NY to front bands like “Sick as Monday” and “ Craving Strange”, Jimmy Gerovac actually worked at Sea World as a seal trainer. Taking a liking to one seal in particular, Jimmy was able to teach the animal some amazing tricks – all the great tricks you could imagine, except… He could never seem to get the animal to wave to the audience. Sure, it’s a simple trick, but he just couldn’t get her to do it. After months of trying, Jimmy finally decided to call it quits and try his hand at music instead. On his last day, he called the seal to him, and patted her on the head, and told her he was leaving. As he made his way out of the seal’s life forever, he turned one last time, and saw the most unimaginable thing. She was sitting on the edge of the pool watching and waving goodbye to him. That seal’s name: Angeline. True story.

PreProduction: Week 2

I am happy to announce that (i think) all of the writing that i'm going to do for the next record is DONE. -this, of course, does not include rewrites as needed, but it is still a HUGE step for the process....

up next is to demo anything that hasn't been tracked so far - a process which is currently underway - and also to fix or edit or re-record any demos of stuff i've already demo'd to be in line with any changes we've made on those songs. Some will be easy (This Quiet Mind) and some have to be redone completely (The Good Fight).

once that's done we'll pick the best 8 and send them off to our production team to see what's worth working on, what goes on the record, and what becomes a "b-side". so there's still plenty left to happen, but at least the stories i wanted to tell this time around have made it from my brain to music and lyrics, and that's not nothing.

Rock on & #BreakTheScene!

Not So True Story: Last Stand For Lucy

"Seven" by Last Stand For Lucy is a song about how in high school, Michael O'Neil, once got caught cheating on a math test. The line "I was counting on you" refers to an elaborate plan to place a calculator on the back of the person sitting in front of him (long time friend and accomplice, Derek Nicholas). After being caught by the teacher, he was pulled out of the classroom; "silent mocks", "awkward stares" and "I caught you laughing while they drag me through the crowd" are all references to this in the song. The teacher graded Mike only on the answers he had completed before getting caught cheating. His final score: Seven. True Story.


Not So True Story: ISpaceWalkSometimes

The title for ISpaceWalkSometimes' tremendously awesome song "Purple Means Wednesday" has its origins in a junior high school French class where future ISWS guitarist, John Benoit, was a student. Refusing to acknowledge the French pronunciation of his obviously French last name, John's parents thought it best that he take a semester and study the language. He did remarkably well in the class until.... During the final exam, there was an oral section for which the students needed to know the translation of common French words. Like everyone else, John prepared 100 flash cards with French on one side and the English translation on the other and memorized them. Unfortunately, unlike everyone else, John ALSO practiced his guitar for 6 hours each night, often resulting in classically "bloody fingertips" due to large amounts of "shredding". Deciding to give the cards another run-through before turning in for the night, John failed to notice that he had actually bled on to the cards resulting in the cards for "pourpre" and "mercredi" being stuck together. At the exam, John nailed all of the questions presented until the very last question, when the teacher simple asked him "Pourpre?". John had remembered this from the night before, but had no idea that he memorized the translation of "mercredi" instead, which was the card actually stuck to the back of "pourpre", and so, in an amazing act of bold confidence, John shouted out "Pourpre means Wednesday!!!". He got a 99 on the final. True story.


Pre Production: Day 2

Who has 2 thumbs and sucks at getting this pre-production underway? This guy!

Yeah well, so, no, technically nothing got done yesterday, but I did finish the lyrics for another potential CD contender last week, and i'm going to use that credit now. :o)

I'm expecting the rest of the week to be a wash, but maybe a spark of motivation on Friday will land me in the studio over the weekend, and then who knows what'll happen. So if you don't hear from me, i'm either super locked-in to the project in the studio, or i'm slacking beyond belief and i just don't want to let you all know. Till then.. find something awesome to listen to.. it's out there. #BreakTheScene!

PreProduction: Day 1

So we've officially taken a break from "the road" so that we can record "the next album". And the first thing that needs to happen is that we need to finish up all the loose ends on songs we want to submit - little things, like lyrics. Then we need to make rough demo-like recordings of those songs so that we can sit together with our production team and decide what songs to use for the next record. And then we need to figure out what needs to be done to those songs to make them REVEL-ready. This is "pre-production". I was supposed to start last night. I didn't. :o(

PS: i'm hoping for a MUCH stronger "PreProduction: Day 2".

The Vinyl Plane
The Vinyl Plane  (over 1 year ago)

Can't wait!


Holy crap.. i didn't even know there was a blog thingie on ReverbNation... :o)