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Bille Seymour / Blog

the Damage

1. Tore the rearview mirror off at the county line I aint looking back cause already wasted too much time I put the pedal down, getting outta this one horse town Mama told me when I was young Dont forget boy where it is that u come from Well mama I wont forget and wont forgive

Chorus I'm riding west to where the sun sets low Breaking hearts behind me as I go I got no more tears to cry for u The Damage is done The Damage is done

2. I gave u everything n got nothing in return You just laughed while u watched our bridges burn Well I guess now the jokes on you Life aint nothin but choices that we make Determined by just how much bullshit we can take Well Im tired a cleaning off my shoes

Chorus Never felt so free and all alone But I aint got time to bitch or moan I got no more tears to cry The Damage is done The Damage is done