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Shadow / Blog

Wanna Roll?

I just wanted to tell everyone out there that we are battling everyday drama just like everyone else, and I appreciate everyone who reps da mask, whether its the Fantom Recordz Artists, Fantom Family or Street Team. We are looking for people to join the Family and work with us, and let us work with you, support each other. Work together to help each other reach our dreams. We need people to Join the street team, its a great way to interact with artists, attend shows, recieve merchandise, etc. But the best part is Fantom will always have your back. We are way more than just a group of artists, we are a family and the LAST thing we do is compete with other labels, we are trying to help everyone. Every flier you hang up, every ticket you sell, every bulletin you post, every time you add Fantom to your tops...you are helping someone out there carve they're path to victory, and even if they dont make it, atleast you helped try. See, myself, I really dont care if I make the charts because right now im having so much fun with music, but its more than that, its what happens and who I meet when im attending shows, etc. Here is an example, about 2 months ago I got an offer to perform at Dirty Jacks in Cincinnati, everyone told me I was crazy, that Cinci would hate my music, and all that..but that night, I took a chance, and met some of the greatest people alive. Jayce, Mekko, TuTone, Mafia Child, G Problem, Pry...Candice, and much more, and since I took that chance, everything is looking up, way up, they have got me in shows with acts such as Crime Mob and more. What im getting at is I took a chance, and it turned out to be the chance of a lifetime that im so glad I took. I feel like im making a name for myself, the haters are gone and left behind, and now I feel like this is my shot, mine and my brother KB Da Kidds. We have the heart, and if we all work together then imagine what we can do. Back to the point lol, if you wanna be a part of what im trying to do, then take that chance, get at me if you wanna record a track, or release a cd, or if you just want to help people the way I do. Remember, everything you do will benifit you in some way, what comes around goes around. Roll with Fantom, let us try to help you reach your dreams, and the best part is we dont ask for a dime, honestly. Fantom Recordz is growing in the 859 and 513, and with a few more soldiers...we can do this.

If you wanna help out and be a part of Fantom Recordz, whether you wanna help promote and get free stuff, wanna draw pictures or graphics for artists, shoot a music video or wanna be a Fantom Recordz artist, get at me. If you already have a label or group, we wanna help you to...You can have your own label and still Rep Fantom, thats how we do. Anyways, sorry for the boring letter lol, just wanted to let people know what Fantom Recordz Family is, a little of who we are...We all the same but atleats we got a large family on our side, and I hope you wanna roll with the fam.

Fantom Recordz www.myspace.com/fantomrecordz

Fantom Recordz Street Team www.myspace.com/fantomrecordzstreetteam

Fantom Recordz Manager www.myspace.com/ladybengal

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