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New Record

We have finally all but completed recording on the new record and we are headed to mix down soon. We are very excited for everyone to hear the new CD. It's trult been a labor of love and we were fortunate to have some friends in on this record. Can't wait to share it with yas. Just Rock N Roll, Baby!!

Studio Session's

Studio sessions for the new CD are back underway with some killer lead tracks cut by Kevin"Mutha F'n"Cooley last nite. Still amped up about what he put down.

One Bulb at a Time!!

We are honored to be playing The Savoy today for our dear departed brother John Piscopo and his family. It will be a bittersweet but fitting tribute to a great light tech and an amazing person. Cheers!

Welcome Mr. Crow

Our bass player problem has been sorted out with the addition of Chico Crow. He's a great cat and in just a few rehearsals proven he's got the right stuff. Chico know's Rock N Roll!

We Don't Feel Tardy...

To our fans/friends, sorry for the delay in getting the new CD to you but sometime's these thing's can't be avoided. We decided some change's needed to be made before going forward which lead to the departure of longtime friend and bassist,Evan Carney. We have the situation sorted out and will be back in the studio to complete the tracks shortly. Thank you for your continued support and we promise...it will be worth the wait.

Sessions and Shows

No rest for the wicked. Still some tracks to cut on the new cd but it is coming along very well and we're very excited about the results. To keep busy we have new show dates coming up and we look forward to seeing all of you. We miss yas!!xoxo

New CD

Vocal tracks are coming along great and the songs are taking shape. Back in next weekend to cut the last five lead vocals and then it's overdubs. Having a lot of fun on our rock n roll journey.


Well into guitar tracks and we are having a blast. A lot of that has to do with what we are hearing. Very happy about what we have done so far and the ideas are just flowing like wine. The tunes are just roaring to life.

It's Alive!

The studio work is going well with 8 basic tracks cut and another six in pre-production to be cut in Sept'. Oct. will be guitars and vocals month in the studio and so far we are diggin' what we hear. We are goin' for the throat on this one. We also have shows booked thru Dec. so far. A busy band is a happy band.LOL As always, thanks for the support.


We started tracking the new record this month and thing are going very well. We're excited about what we're hearing so far. We've cut basic tracks for 8 tunes with 5 to go but we're already getting a lot of ideas on how to proceed from there. We still have a lot to do but we're having a blast doing it. Joey and Evan have done a killer job on the bass and drums and we are looking forward to getting the other five songs in place so we can begin overdubs. We'd like to thank all our friends and fans for their support. When all is said and done, without you there's no us!