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Katharine Cole / Blog


Weather finally turns to fall and that's me all over - took a literal fall walking the dang dog! Okay, so I'm pretty fine 'cept for the bruise on my right elbow and the smell of IcyHot ugh! Come cajole me this month in New York or Roswell - what a contrast, huh!!:?

After Eddie

Hello Reverbites...Summer is here and we are all playing all over the place. I'm looking for more bookings on the East Coast starting September 22nd through October 3rd if you're up for a visitor! Katharine

Back Up

I'm back up here so fans can find me. I'm going to be very sparing on listing shows, so please go to my website www.KatharineCole.com for those. Reverbnation uses these references to put clubs and venues on the music mafia list.

Finishing up after The Stooges...

...Stooges were in Fantasy this last week, so I'll be back in (when I can hear myself think, that is! HA.) end of November to finish off the new release "Touchstone" k

Touchstone Update

Well we begin mixing mid-October and as with everything good, it's worth waiting for. Thanks to Woody Simmons and Michael for agreeing to come BACK into the studio to track those last minute parts before the long mix haul. It's sounding amazing and I'm finding it hard to hold back the tracks...best, k

Working Title "Touchstone"

Two days down at Fantasy Studios with Adam Munoz at the board! Feels great to be getting started and so proud to have Dawn Richardson (Tracy Chapman/4 Non Blondes/Mental 99) and Michael Pappenberg (Petty Theft) adding to the mix. Thank you and more to come in September. I should have all new songs/tracks here by mid-October! Best - K

Rarified Air - Release 2013

Well I'm working on the final selections which will be included in my new album "Rarified Air" to be recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley with Adam Munoz and Jeffrey Wood, for release Spring 2013. Live shows will be in preparation for this with new material being added constantly, so no show will be alike, guaranteed!

Creating and Letting Go

Judgment, comparisons, self-doubt are the enemy of the artist. Sing your truth.

Who knows...?

Do it all 100-percent or don't do it. How many times can we relearn this lesson in life? It's hard to breathe sometimes, but so easy to lay down. If life is getting easy, you're headed the wrong way. That's what I've found.

No Time for Crying

Schedule, crazy, check. Life crazy, check. Rain, check. Rehearsal schedule crazy, check. Seems normal, so why is this so dang hard? Being crazy has its advantages - it keeps the normal people away. But then there's something to be said for sitting around and watching TV, or say, sleeping every once in a while. Oh sleeping, crazy, yeah. Driving? yep, driving a LOT. Okay, so that may sound crazy, but that's the musician's life! :-) Crazy