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Criminal Rock / Blog

Music Heals!!!

I am a musician who deals with a serious disease called Crohn's, which has put my family in some tough financial and emotional situations. Lengthy hospital stays and surgeries were a regular part of my life. I have my disease under a lot more control now, and have been able to get back to music and hockey. Smoking and eating marijuana has been a key part of my successful come back from Crohn's. My wife Missy, was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which my father struggled with for eight years before he passed away. She is also down to fight the fight for life, and is doing well through natural means. We do this by understanding our diseases, having a good attitude, exercising, using natural healing methods such as marijuana, and staying away from bad prescription drugs. Sometimes its hard to keep a positive attitude, but music, games, exercise, and love go along way!

Love and Respect, Brian

Trouble with the Kids!!!

Rockin' solid with the kids, Emma and Tre! Havin' fun and layin' down tracks!!