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Bob Quinn, Songmaker / Blog

4.0_Country Jazz

Hi friends, Yes I know I missed a week. I'm in that place between songs, so I've been working on getting moved in to my new workspace and fixing the place up a bit. Installed a window air conditioner this weekend, and I'm getting ready to paint. I'm up on the 2nd story, so as soon as the weather warms just a little, it gets real uncomfortable in there real fast. So what's on my mind just now is to talk about my inspirations with the guitar a bit. I started in the late 60's, early 70's playing rock stuff, Steve Howe, and Frank Zappa were a few of my inspirations. There was country music all around me though and parts of my family were listening to Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Chet Atkins etc..It seems I like ballads, and I like the forms in country music. In terms of classic rock solos, my two faves are Maria Muldaur's recording of "Midnight at the Oasis". Amos Garrett, wow! Forever bent my thinking about the guitar. Then Joni Mitchell's "Help Me"...Larry Carlton, Oh yeah! Oh but wait...that's jazz isn't it? Hmmm. Then Jerry Reed, and Chet Atkins. Uh huh...that's where it is. Then Gypsy Jazz..Django of course, and today's players ie the Stochelo's et al. moving the form along. So, it's all taken me on this ride toward a kind of "country jazz". I seem to be evolving into this curious mix. Did I mention I love the pedal steel guitar?...The stuff is down in my bones. Like I said, I love the country forms..likely arising from gospel, to pedal around the home note, under and over, weaving inversions all over the place, carrying the melody line inside of all kinds of varying voices...love it! Lights me up like a Christmas tree! I can't afford one yet, but I find that as I age, my guitar playing is emulating that kind of sound, along with the rest of the stuff mentioned above. I enjoy a good rock song some days, but chords light my fire nowadays, and building solos out of chords, and nice lines to link them.... now that to me is lead work. I find not too much interest in building songs around licks anymore, there's so much more in there. So I'm working on a song I'm now calling "I'm Just Disappointed", a country ballad...surprise! I'll be in my space under the headphones evolving toward a good guitar and vocal take tomorrow night, and this weekend. In the meantime, have a listen to "Walking Down that Road (Together) if you're inclined too. My heart's in that one. Thanks for following along..more coming!

3.8_"What's He Building in There"?

Hello friends..Things were pretty tentative when I first found my wonderful studio/workspace. Once in there, I just brought in just the barest of essentials to record the last song. Over the last 2 weekends I've been slowly building and moving everything that was in my previous workspace down in New Mexico, into the new space, which I'm managing....so far to hold on to. So, I've been assembling desks, and lamps, and bringing in the furniture. It's finally beginning to feel like my haunt again. As I've mentioned before, the place is also occupied with a bunch of heavy metal vampires, as well as various types who play electric guitars, bass guitars, and bang on drums. Some previous tenant ripped all the moldings off the walls around the doors. So Saturday night I put new moldings up there, and assembled a few more furniture items. It was a hot evening, and on the second story, I was sweating to the oldies whilst' some cover band across the way was playing Pink Floyd covers. There are a number of bands in here...some of them are doing some nice work too. Covers...sheesh (another time). It's all very entertaining this male pattern behavior. Anyhow, I was sawing and hammering and banging away. Looking to change the interior from the drab gray blue that it is, to some lighter shade..in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I'm working on timing and phrasing for "Lonesome Mine" which I'll begin rehearsing in front of the mic soon. It's the time between songs, and I'm a happy camper to be blessed with this place I've stumbled on. OK then, thanks and more to come.

3_7 Full Circle

It's a mystery..."Walking Down That Road (Together)" was a cathartic experience, a completion of the circle from the time that we left the southwest and migrated north to WA State. All the months of moving, and the frustrations in trying to find a workspace. Full circle now...the thing has left me in tatters. I'm exhausted, but thrilled and filled with the peace of knowing that I have my creative space again and my work will continue. I have a handful of wonderful friends who support my efforts, I am grateful to you with many thanks. I am learning now to let go of any expectations around how my work is received. This is a wonderful song, and it's been played maybe 10 times over the last week. A bit of a disappointment. I know things roll in waves, and there is no rhyme or reason to the motions of the universe that we can discern..so I'll just roll with it. I'm busy now working on a song called "Lonesome Mine" it's a coming of age tune about false estimations and betrayal. I'm working out the timing, and the arrangement. These days I'm learning about making space in the song so it can be sung without pinching the lyrics. This helps to create a relaxing delivery and the overall tone can be more natural. Interesting things occur, spaces open for new possibilities. Also, working on voicing the chords through the tune. It's pretty boring to play the same lines through a song, so I'm experimenting with chord forms that vary throughout the song, using higher voiced, lines, lower voiced, and right up the middle chord forms to counter and compliment the direction of vocal. This stuff makes nice spaces for additional instruments and helps form the overall arrangement down the line. Been fighting off a spat of vertigo over the last few days, slowly getting back up to speed. Thanks for following along...let's get on down the road!

3_6_All Done.

It's finished. "Walking Down That Road (Together), is finally realized. Saturday afternoon, I wiped out last weekends Lap Steel part, and after trying out a few different ideas made a whole new part one that works just fine. As it always seems to go, it's a paring down, whittling away at it until only the essential stuff remains and says what I want it to say. I got that Pedal Steel "moment" effect...but wish it really were pedal steel. Alright I admit, I've been on E-Bay, and a few other websites looking at them...those Pedal Steel Guitars...someday...sigh. Someone said that style is the result of working within your limitations...well ok then so be it. Added a few electric guitar bits...had a small revelation in doing so...I've been working on fingerstyle acoustic playing for so long now that I don't know how to use a pick anymore...spent a few hours on a simple plucked melody line that would have once been child's play. In doing of it, I felt just a little spark of affection for my electric guitar again..hmmmm maybe I'll do something with it on one of the songs upcoming? Tonight I'll work on getting the files off of the 8-track and into my computer. I'm going to try out the LANDR cheapo robotic mastering service on Tunecore, and see if it helps things at all...then voila, we'll post it here Tuesday or Wednesday. It's a thing of beauty this one...I hope you like it. OK here comes the work week. I'm starting in on another tune written a few years back..it's in rough shape, but I'm on it. Thanks for following along.

NorthernBandit / Burt K. Arthur
NorthernBandit / Burt K. Arthur  (about 1 month ago)

Right on Bob Right on!
Look forward to hearing your new track sounds very interesting.
I also just finished a new song...today.
Stop by if you can and give a listen if you can.
I have played with a pick most of my guitar playing day's on Electric I asick with a pick because that works for me...but with acoustic and open tuning I finger pick for the effect...I have been a Bass Guitarist from the very beginning so finger picking is my natural technique ...good luck with your finalizing of your ne track...Let me know as soon as you have it ready I would love to have a listen.!
Peace to you my friend ;)>

3.5_Where's That Darn Song??

Hi friends, Yeah...I know, where's that darn song??? I'm about 14 hours into screwing around with the lap steel guitar now. You see the problem is that I'm trying to get Pedal Steel sounds out of a simple little lap steel guitar. "Walking Down That Road (Together)" is made for it..you know that moment when a reverb drenched Pedal Steel comes into the mix, and the hardest meanest grown men... and women, reach for the tissue box. This song has that "moment" and all I've got is this lousy little lap steel guitar...undaunted, I've been exploring with it looking for a facsimile "moment" feeling...it's there now actually, and the song is 99 percent arrived...just one more spot where there are 2 guitar parts vying for the same space in the mix to clean up. That crunchy electric guitar bit that I didn't like last week, now is working with the addition of the steel part..just needs a little cleanup. Also, I added a tender harmonica part in the soft center of the song. So now we've got a clear beginning, middle, and a rousing conclusion. This thing is sounding wonderful. I had about 5 hours time on Saturday evening with the song, and I didn't want to repeat the sleep deprived disaster of the week before so I left it to roll around in my head for a few more days. The whole thing should tie up nicely this weekend. It's so lovely, I don't want to screw it up rushing to get something out. So...just stop fidgeting out there! It's coming! likely next week. Thanks again following along!

3.4 _Hell to Pay

I stayed up way too late on Saturday night. Lemming that I am, I was compelled by unseen forces to venture out to my studio space at 5pm and listened carefully to the prior weeks take of "Walking Down That Road" (Together), and decided it was just fine. So out with my trusty, but seldom seen bass guitar, and three hours later...a bass part voila! Yeah...it took a while. Bass playing is a whole different animal than playing guitar..It takes my brain a little time to adjust...yeah I know, it's just the last 4 strings of the guitar...yes Grasshopper, but it's whole different spiritual space to occupy in the song...in this instance, I learned, it's to be felt more than heard. Bass playing is wonderful, and difficult, and making the adjustment makes the traveler all the wiser to the mysteries of the song within. Ok...the bass part is done then LOL! In the 2nd half of the song, there is a crescendo that I thought might be a great place for some crunchy electric guitar chordal embellishments...well 2 hours later, at or just beyond midnight, I was shown otherwise. NO....the song utterly rejected my dream of crunchy electric guitar bits...oh well. Next weekend, we'll break out the Lap Steel, and see if the song wants it or not, and if so, then whatever pathways are opened for exploration. A big lesson...I don't do so well with late nights any longer...here Tuesday morning, I finally feel half human once again, there was hell to pay...I hope it's all worth it. The song is very strong now even with just guitar, vocal, and a bass part...it could stand on it's own, and may well...but I'm curious to see...and, if I find additional useful spices...we'll go there. If not I'll scoot her out the door to your ears, one way or the other...it's very close. Otherwise, I spent a bit of time last week working on another of my crooner type songs...that I may record after this..that's another series to come. And my left arm flared up a bit for a few days, so I've laid off the guitar for near 5 days now. Had to do my friggin' taxes anyhow. OK thanks for following along...more to come!


This week's lessons... if you don't use your voice, you can't sing on key. Since getting back to working in front of the condenser mic it's been interesting to feel the changes in my vocals. "Walking Down That Road (Together) is a song with very upfront vocals, it's a very intimate song with the guitar pushed back into the background a bit. So every nuance in the vocal is right out front. Last weekend, I learned that if I want to sing on key, I've got to breath, open my mouth and push into some of the phrases. Without that push I go flat or sharp. This weekend I was much improved, and thankfully Sunday morning there were no metal heads around to mess up my session. Man..so close, I'm able now to get through the song with few problems, it's just that every new level I reach reveals another area that needs work. I had one take that was perfect..but I went just a few degrees flat on the last line. I left it Sunday afternoon with a take that is very good, and the few spots that were off key seemed to work with the flow of the thing, so it might be ok. Next weekend, I'll listen with fresh ears and see if I still like it. I can however now begin to sculpt the song with some additional instruments and delve deeper into arranging. If I leave a track open going forward, I can re-record the vocal take without playing the guitar at the same time and work it until I'm happy . I'm having real serious thoughts about getting into the studio now, and I'm looking at Tunecore, which is a publishing service that is very reasonably priced, can get my music into lots of places...and I retain all of my rights. All I need is one broadcast ready single to get at it...maybe this is the song? As long as the chops are up, we'll see? In the meantime, it's time to get at the taxes...only a few days left! Had a great time on Friday with a few of my co-workers who are also musically inclined, we had a lunch time Hoot-an-anny, guitars and mandolins oh my! it was fun, and it was fun to play a few of my songs for them as well. Looks like it's going to be a weekly thing. The biz owner has a gittaron he'll bring in... the big bass guitar the Mariachi's play..should make for an eclectic and interesting mix. Had an answer to my ad for musician's this weekend, a bass player nearby...it's developing...well maybe. More on that later. Thanks for following along...it feels a bit like things are turning.

3.2_Moving Blankets_2

Hello friends. It's turning to spring here in Seattle. The evergreens are just that, but between them and possibly in greater number, the deciduous trees are bursting forth in a show of neon green. Everywhere you look, the gray skeletons of bare trees are coming to life again. So we turn to longer days, and warmth...between us all, I always hope. I did a bunch of digging around on the interwebs..searching for a low cost solution for the slap-back echo problem in my work room. I finally chanced upon a site where a woman had used a few rolling clothing racks to hang moving blankets from with which she surrounded her microphone. Hmmmm...well we had 3 or four clothing racks in storage, so we got those out...went over to Harbor Freight and bought 4 moving blankets...built a rolling triangle around my mic stand...the mic at the point of the triangle using 2 of the racks, and the third as a wall behind the mic and my little table with my 8 track etc. I wasn't expecting much...but I'll be damned if it didn't take out enough of the echo to get a reasonably dry track...Gobsmacked!! I spent another 3 hours on Saturday evening working on "Walking Down That Road (Together)". I've got railroad tracks..real busy, to the East and West, a private airport, diesel trucks idling for long periods of time, and a metal band or 2 in the same complex. I have to keep my ears open and wedge my takes between this stuff...the metal guys are the toughest part...they do go on...all dark, weird, and distorted. I've got florescent tube lighting in the room, and you can hear the buzz and hum from the ballasts in the headphones...so there's the next challenge. Happily these problems are finding resolution without too much cost. I'll take a few incandescent lamps over next weekend. This song is so close now. I'm getting some good takes, but I'm still having some issue staying on key, especially at the beginning. I'm pretty sure it will come next weekend. As long as the metal heads give me a bit of room to work! I'm a happy camper now compared to a few months ago...it's so good to have a place to work in...there are 2 more songs coming behind this one as well. cleaned the little bathroom in there too...it's all looking good! Thanks for following along, more to come!

Ivan Camilli
Ivan Camilli  (about 1 month ago)

Cool! It's amazing how sometimes we can solve problems in the least expected ways! Godspeed Bob!!!

3.1_A Box and Moving Blankets

Hi Friends...It's another week. 3 hours at the mic working on "Walking Down That Road (Together)" and didn't hit a "take". I got real close to it about 4 times, so it's not quite there...I think next weekend we'll arrive on a decent take. I'm working on the performance, phrasing, and volumes now. I'm concerned about the sound in my room..I know that these things are just demos, but I want them to sound half decent if possible. Even though I'm using a small gobo device around my microphone and sending my guitar straight into the box...there's still a lot of slap back echo in my darn room. Thinking about a refrigerator sized cardboard box with a bunch of moving blankets or something...this is such a nice song, I hate to send it out into the world sounding like my untreated room..but I'll do it...I need to put something out there...we'll see what I can come up with next weekend. I've become an avid reader over the last year or so..I've been consuming books about musicians and the music biz at large...just to see what I can learn, and catch up on the stuff that was going on all around me in the 60's. I was dimly aware, and loved the music, but I was yet too young to understand the processes and goings of the musicians of my time. I'm catching up I guess. I just finished Pete Townshend's auto biography, and am now into "Three Chords and the Truth:" about the evolution of Country music in the 90's. I'm looking to understand how country music wound up in the condition that it's in today. I suppose someone's buying it, but I just can't imagine what people in Nashville are thinking about. Today's "country" stinks to high heaven...just my uninformed opinion. The movie, "The Wrecking Crew" is finally out, and we went up into the city to see it this weekend. It was great to hear all of those old songs from the 60's again. Who'd a thunk it?...every major singing group for about 10 years had a single group of session players doing their instrumental work. The Beach Boys, The Monkees, Gary Lewis and the Playboy's, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, on and on and on..they played it all. It's a fun movie if you get the chance to see it. OK then, life rolls on now...see you next week, thanks for following along!

NorthernBandit / Burt K. Arthur
NorthernBandit / Burt K. Arthur  (2 months ago)

Hi Bob...great to hear you are put it together...wishin you the best with your creations!

3.0 Coming Soon!

Hello everyone. It was a busy weekend, and I was working in my rehearsal/recording space last night, that's why I'm writing this evening. I hooked up the 8 track last night, and a big condenser mic, and worked on 2 songs rehearsing them to record. It always amazes me just how many levels of rehearsal there are in a song. The thing is born and played in my living room for some weeks, then maybe performed for an audience at some open mic. But, when I get those headphones on, and the red light goes on, and I'm singing into that big mic...it's a whole new layer of performance to master. You hear...everything, and it's sublime. Going into "Reverb World" under the phones, that's where the polish goes on. All the nuances of the performance can be worked out, and it's much easier to hear where the thing is weak or strong. There are a few songs posted here...but there are many, many more, most of which haven't been heard by but a few people. I'm preparing "Walking Down That Road (Together)" it's a fine love song that I wrote a few years back, and the newest one "Just Call Me Moon" is developing really well. I'll be posting a new song in a few weeks I think..the machinery is getting back into position now that I have this wonderful work space, and there is a lot of material I need to record. So stay tuned, there's a lot of new work coming soon. Thanks for following and being there while I've been working through this transition. See you next week!

Ivan Camilli
Ivan Camilli  (2 months ago)

Can't wait the new songs Bob!
Keep us on the loop!
Take care hermano!