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Bob Quinn, Songmaker / Blog

1.37 "Slip Slidin' Away" (Along)

Hi all, missed you last week. I'm in the solar army up here. It's a major gear shifting push for solar energy, and for this solar company I'm working for. 7am to 7pm, 5 days running...doesn't leave much time for anything beyond work. All worth it though, things in our lives are ascending...so the move has been worthwhile I believe. Also, we still have no internet in our hotel, which is making it difficult to keep things current. OK then, I started this thing as a chronicle of the progress on a recording project with my friend Drake Hardin in Albuquerque who is an amazing engineer..if you're nearby, Drake's your man! We recorded 23 scratch tracks winter before last. At that time I was working a dead end job with a boss man who, although likeable in many ways, had some anger management issues. I wasn't making enough money to take the project forward. So in an effort to improve things, I jumped at the first bus outta there. Reference my song.."The King of Rags". Well...that was a bust, and I learned some things about people...always good. Reference my song "Captain". Anyhow, the road has lead me here to Seattle now. The money is improving, as have my guitar skills, but I'm 1,500 miles from the original situation. Not sure how that's going to play out...maybe one day I can take a vacation, go back to wherever Drake is and re-work things. Likely, I'll resume somewhere up here once I find a place to record. I'm searching. It's a bittersweet parting. So the road continues to unroll..we'll see where it takes us eh? It does feel a bit like Paul Simon's "Slip Slidin' Away" though. I'm anxious to find my way into the music scene up here. The long hours will recede at some point and when they do, hopefully we'll be living somewhere other than a little hotel room. I'll polish up my material, start playing out, and get myself into the nearest studio! I've got some very strong material that none of you have heard...I'm looking forward to getting this stuff out in broadcast quality in the coming months (years)? To my Swedish friend Myron...Here's where the story is for now. Yes, there was a woman singer whom I was working with for a time, her name is Emily Dickinson, a distant relative of the same. Sadly she passed away by her own hand...she became a dear friend, and I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to put her under the headphones and give her entry into the world of reverb under the phones..she was ecstatic to be there singing her heart out! I'll never forget her..dear Emily. For now, I'm a solar soldier dreaming of recording studios, high end microphones, Neve consoles, and great mastering. After we save the world, I'll be along. I don't know if it was a false start..time will tell, but my skills are sharper than ever, and I'm full of ideas and fire. More to come as the road rises....Thanks for following along friends!

1.35_Eco Warriors!

In my 4th grade class we were visited by a fellow of Buckminster Fulle. The designer, architect, futurist of the early 60's. Credited with the invention of the Geodesic Dome. The fellow spoke of a vision of the future where we'd all be living in domes, driving Dymaxion cars, and all of this would be powered by solar energy. My young brain went bonkers on a school library research mission about solar energy. It was this memory which I re-connected with that sent me into solar back when the cartoon biz came to a close. Although I've worked in solar for over 10 years, it seems that only now, the dream of solar becoming mainstream is finally being realized..I'll be 60 in a few months. Now I'm in with a solar outfit full of excited younger folks... eco warriors all, and all on a mission from God. It's exciting! I feel like I'm finally seeing what I dreamed of as a kid, and I've lived long enough to be part of it all! The hours are long...so I've not been very present on the other social networking sites during this last week. In the meantime, the internet is down in our little hotel room here in Seattle. Catching up on reading...I'm reading "Fab" An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney by Howard Sounes. I've read a number of these biographies of songwriters lately...looking for clues. Not sure when I'll be able to get back to recording. We'll see how things go, but an office rental may be in the cards going forward. In the meantime, we have an address! I've just finished all the address changes online. It's been nearly 2 months since we've had an address...just maybe this change will "take"! Thanks for reading, and I'll be along next week with the latest!

1.34_More Changes (for the better!)

Hi friends, welcome back, and here's the latest. The Job in Portland turned out to be disingenuous, there were some curious political things going on which led me to believe it was time for me to take a hasty leave of absence. I put out some feelers in the state of Washington, and thankfully received an enthusiastic response.... This explaining last weeks trip to Seattle. I'm writing this from our new extended stay hotel. This extended stay is the exact mirror image of the last one in Salem, OR. This room even has the very same picture on the wall above the bed! The wonderful difference is that outside our window is a fine view of the Puget Sound. So here we are now parked in Seattle Washington. Tomorrow is the first day on the new job, with a new solar outfit, one that appears to be a good match with the way I approach the work. I'm pretty excited about working with them. That final check from OR was a real help. I got my hair trimmed a bit. A wonderful Chinese woman, lectured me about the importance of trimming my long hair. I've been growing it now for nearly 5 years. I'm light 7 inches of hair now, but all the split ends are gone, and she suggested that I braid it...she did, and looks like a new thing going forward. Got new shoes that day, and a new hat too! A new Stetson straw hat. My poor old summer Stetson from Ecuador...this is it's fourth summer, and it's got me looking like a ragamuffin for sure! So tomorrow it's going to be like the first day of school for me, new clothes, haircut, and a new hat. I don't know why but hats are a big deal to me. So, looks like Portland wasn't our road after all. I'm hoping to be settled in the coming weeks so I can resume my recording work. I'm playing the heck out of my poor guitar, but she and me are both getting twitchy about getting back to work! Thanks for following along..more to come!

Saudade  (23 days ago)

I enjoy getting your posts. Enjoy your first day of school, ah, work. Now I have two people to visit in Seattle. My former bandmate, Michael Grimes is a bassist who plays out there a lot. Jazz mostly but i'm sure other genres. Tell him hi if you run into him. Have a fun adventure. Glad things worked out.

1.33_The Lure of Wanderlust

Took a whirlwind ride up to Seattle Washington. Well, to the southern part of town...saw the Space Needle from a distance. It was a fortuitous meeting, and there is more change in the wind. More on that later. In the meantime we're gypsies, looking for a home, I'm not whining, it's been an interesting experience. To understand that one place is like any other. I can see the the lure of wanderlust. Once you're away, it's easy to be me more away, and the bends in road offer their siren call to see what's just round the corner. Hopefully, we'll have an opportunity to settle again for a while soon. I'm taking this is a preview of the road. Maybe one day I'll tour? But I tend to enjoy the freedom of some moorings. I need a place to work, and the sense of belonging with other people, otherwise my earthly footings become a little loose. I'm ever so thankful for the wonderful people in my life. I do miss my sons, perhaps once I'm moored again, they'll consider being near? More to come, next week will reveal some changes I believe. Thanks for following along!

1.32_Strong and Wonderful Women

Another week in the hotel room in Salem, OR. Good news is we found a real estate person who deals in rentals who thinks she can work with us! It's a duplex in Portland, with a good size basement as well. We'll see. In other news we'll be traveling to Seattle this week Thursday and Friday, for reasons I'll reveal later on. It should be fun, I've never seen Seattle..Space Needle here I come! Musically, It's a different season for sure..I can't record, but I'm making tremendous strides with the guitar, I've been working on scales and chord scales for a few months now, and finding a tremendous boost in soloing. Had a nice day up in Vancouver WA yesterday, and visited St. Helen, OR. A huge bike ride that happens every year was happening, 10,000 riders doing a ride from Seattle to Portland. Bikes were every where! I didn't hit anyone...a minor miracle, but it made for additional entertainment on our weekly explore. It's cool today and overcast, Thunder is rumbling somewhere...It will be perfect for our now weekly hike in Silver Falls National Park today. Again, a special thank you to my wonderful Mom, her support is certainly making all of this possible. I am blessed, to be surrounded by strong and wonderful women. More next week!

1.31_A Developing Situation

It's a developing situation...It's ALL a developing situation. Writing today cause' tomorrow it's back to work again for my big 3 day week. We fell into the housing scam here..that is, sign here..initial here, pay us for each application and we'll happily reject your applications. The rental market in Portland, has a vacancy rate of 2%..so, there are very many more applicants than housing units, and the business is brisk for them...applications all day long, along with denials and cha-ching..thank you for your interest in...have a nice life. We're looking northward now, up in Washington State, little towns at the frontiers of Portland, rents become reasonable an hour out in any direction. Rumors of drug trafficking in WA..spoke to a local young fellow...said there's a lot of Pot in WA..it's going to become legal there in just a few days...Pot, very scary..Heroin and Meth...Now we're talkin' scary. At any rate, it's looking like we're looking to go to one of these places to escape the mechanical approach to the little game of "Who gets to live in Portland". Musically, lots of study, and practice. I'm making great advances in my skills, but not much happening in terms of writing and recording...I'm asking the universe to direct us to the place where we can do the work we love to do. DID YA HEAR THAT? Thank you very much. After two trips up into WA, today we're headed back out to Silver Falls National park for another walk in the woods, it's a lovely escape from the madness. Thanks for following along!

1.34_When You're a Stranger

Made it through the first 2 weeks at the new job OK, it's a developing situation, and so far, so good. Had a great walk at the Silver Falls National Park on Saturday, the deep forests here are beautiful with moss growing on everything. Finding a place to live has been problematic up to now, we're a bit flummoxed today and not sure what comes next, but I don't think we'll be living in this extended stay forever. Musically, this room isn't all that great for songwriting, lots of ideas bubbling around, but I need a place to work. For now, I've been sharpening my skills on the guitar, lots of scales, lots of chord scales, and working on expanding my ability with cross string scales and chimes. Certainly feeling like a stranger around here, although I've been listening to the work of the locals posted here, a lot of it is real nice songwriting. Looking forward to meeting some players once things settle a bit, I hope that happens. OK thanks for following, more soon.


The Columbia River is a large river, and we did our best not to drive right into it. The last 150 miles into Portland was a dark and scary ride. Seems our truck had a headlight out, and there we were, driving right alongside the Columbia River and sometimes through it in driving rain, relentless wind and fog. I was forced to the bright lights and every time a truck would pass...blinding white fog, and momentary blindness. It's a small miracle we didn't wind up in the river! Made it to Portland in the middle of the night, and were immediately lost with very little battery juice remaining in our phones to use the GPS. Made it in though, found an open lot to park the truck, unloaded and slept. Next day, moved it all into storage units in Vancouver, WA across the river. Started the new job yesterday and the company is a thriving concern, so I believe things will balance out in a month or so. We'll be searching for a place to live this weekend. For now, it's extended stay...just a little cell of a room, but we're arrived! Thanks for reading along...more coming!

Jesse White, Authentic Voicework Records
Jesse White, Authentic Voicework Records  (2 months ago)

Congratulations on hangin in there, you two, and best wishes for a wonderful homecoming when you find it. I'm getting serious about seeking new digs in the Seattle area, so will touch base as that gets more focused. blessings, Jess

The Stranger Than Paradise Band
The Stranger Than Paradise Band  (2 months ago)

The start of a new adventure, congratulations!

1.31_Special Sunday Edition_Goodby New Mexico

Hello Everyone. Time constraints require that I make an entry today. Tomorrow morning, we pick up our monster truck, I meet with a couple of willing fellows, and we spend the day stuffing the thing as well as we can. Tuesday morning, we couple the car carrier, and depart for Cortez, Co. Albuquerque's been an interesting ride, might make a good book someday? Did a lot of growing here, and made a few wonderful friends here whom I'll always cherish. The music community has been reasonably accepting save for a few misguided characters, but by and large it's been fun. If I could live on music here, I'd stick around, but I work in solar energy, and Ironically New Mexico has the best conditions for solar in the country, and the worst levels of political support for. So I gotta go where the work is. Anyhow, I'll be participating from a distance, and anyone inclined to do so, I invite to keep in touch. Off to Portland OR now. A new job and new business prospects await, as well as a new music community, and what appear to be some good prospects for studio work. All the best Albuquerque, and "Thanks for all the fish"!

1.30_Flat or Round?

"Hello everyone"....those of you who remember Mr,Peabody and his pet boy might recall this infamous intro...I thought I'd better reveal my source before someone calls me out on it. Well, the sifting, separating, and packing chores are increasing in intensity as the heat of summer arrives here in Albuquerque. Mornings are going through boxes transported from our main storage area, which are sifted and separated into the keep, Good Will, and recycle piles...then the afternoon dispersal's to same. This evening we are repacking some dozen or so boxes of books..2 years in storage, and many of them are crushed. Tomorrow, I resume the task of breaking down my office, all my recording stuff etc,. and packing all that for transport. On and on etc. until a week from today, we load the mighty ship. Soon we'll be headed North across the vast ocean of land...will we fall off the edge? Or is the world round?...stay tuned!