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Paula Boggs Band / Blog

Good News Re 8/18 Show @ SoulFood Books

For those living outside Seattle or who can't attend our 30 min. Songwriter's Showcase set this Sat. 8/18, 8:30-9PM PST @ Redmond's (WA,USA) SoulFood Books, watch it streamed live @ www.soultribetv.com or later on the SoulTribe TV YouTube Channel dedicated to Songwriters in Seattle (SiS): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8E65A72ACA1C79EE

A Buddha State of Mind

A Buddha State of Mind, published 8/10/12 in Huffington Post

URL: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paula-boggs/a-buddha-state-of-mind_b_1763680.html

Robert Earl Keen

Last night I had the pleasure, yes pleasure, of going to a Robert Earl Keen show @ Joe's Sports Bar in Chicago. Here's a guy who's been writing master storytelling songs, touring and living life by his own terms for over 30 years. It was inspiring. He was totally in the moment, the crowd LOVED him, many knew every word to every song he sang and I was only about 15 feet away from him and his wonderful band. I'd never heard of Keen until I moved to Austin 15 years ago. And though I suspect there are still a lot of folks who've never heard of Keen, to me, what I experienced last night is all I could ever hope for with my own music. Keen is the real deal...that's what I strive for!

Raitts in the House!

It's redeye time, after 11pm, as I board the JetBlue flying from Seattle to Boston. Approaching my aisle seat I'm slightly miffed the middle seat is taken but looking upward, a guitar case and one that might hold a banjo peer back at me. So I smile and ask the passenger next to me if he's carrying a banjo. My mistake; both cases house guitars but the question leads to an interesting conversation about the risks of traveling with guitars while touring. I mention my SKB traveling case and J-45 Gibson and my seatmate is impressed.

He then introduces me to the young man seated to his right, who's only slightly awake, and tells me they're both musicians headed to Boston where the son will attend summer school at Berklee. I'm impressed by that and somehow we then start talking about gigging, touring and recording.

The middle seater asks about my style of music and after describing it as "jazzy, bluesy, folk-rock" I hand him my card with band URL and urge him to listen and decide for himself. When I ask him for his, he says, "I don't have one but I'm easy to find online. My name's David Raitt." I look at him closely and then say, "Raitt, as in Bonnie Raitt!!!???" to which he replies, "yeh, Bonnie's my sister and he's her nephew!" I exclaim "I LOVE her!!" which of course I do. David has played with Bonnie over the years and will soon tour with his own band in the Northwest. Moral of the story, I'm so glad I got out of my head, looked around and was open to having a conversation with the guy in the middle seat.

Happy July!

Happy July and Summer (that is if you're N of the equator!) It's only ~65 ℉ (~18 ℃) here in Seattle so cooler than many places in the USA -- ahh!

We'd love to hear from you. On our website: http://www.paulaboggsband.net you can ask us questions, download free music and videos, see photos, read our blog, make comments and let us know how we can make the website better FOR YOU.

Hope we hear from you!

cheers, Paula

Jane's in Portlandia!

The drive on North I-5 from Eugene to Portland was smooth and beautiful with high 70s temps, sun, low traffic but also friendly fellow travelers at the Salem area reststop. Check-in at the Heathman, my favorite Portland hotel with Andy Warhol originals donning every floor, was painfree and cordial. So I get to my room, unpack a few things and decide to check out the workout room a couple floors down. The elevator door opens and a man and woman are already inside and my eyes hook on the woman, she's familiar, very familiar as I go through a mental rolodex that within seconds serves and compels me to blurt out, "I love GLEE!!" to which the tall, elegant woman responds, "thanks so much!" -- yes, I've just shared a two floor ride with the incomparable Jane Lynch aka "Sue Sylvester" who I later find out is in Portland to give a talk and read from her new book...pretty cool.

A Day @ NPR...Sweet!

Had the most amazing day @ NPR's offices today! I got to meet Michel Martin of "Tell Me More" and was there for a live interview. I also met Bob Boilen and Anya Grundmann of NPR Music and saw the Tiny Desks studio. Amazingly, I also performed impromptu "A Buddha State of Mind" for a tour group from Texas and New Mexico...the NPR team handed me a Gibson guitar and I was off to the races...LOL!! As a member of listener-supported KEXP family, someone who's performed at World Cafe Live! and LONG-TIME NPR listener and supporter, being at the mother-ship was a dream come true.

Murphy's Law?

I got really excited about tonight. Why? Well today was to be the day I finally "played" Santa Fe. You see, I've been here since mid-April and have even taken guitar lessons but had yet to get on a stage. I'd done research and decided the open mic at Sol Santa Fe was just the place. Heck, they were even offering to record my performance (and everyone elses). What a deal! Sure, it's not downtown (where i live) and it'd take about 30 minutes to get there, but no problem given all the upside I imagined. The first danger sign was the phone number. The number listed on Sol's website was "out of order." Huh? No email contact info either. So I called the club next door -- Santa Fe Brewing Co. -- the phone works but the guy on the other end says something like, "well we only share a parking space and that's a separate business...but here's there number." So I call the number given and get voicemail. All these signs were pointing of course to what in fact happened. I pack up my guitar and gear, load the car and drove 30 minutes only to enter a virtually empty club with every chair stack on the club's tables. My friend says to me, "I don't think there's an open mic in THIS place tonight.' Just as she says this a dude appears -- Brian -- who basically informs us he's new, doesn't know anything about open mics and...did you check our website? I almost lose it at this point but compose myself enough to say, "man, YOU, need to check your website!" The evening ended just fine though. My friend and I found a great pub in town and were able to laugh the whole thing off. Moral of the story: I guess I just wasn't meant to play music tonight!

Greetings from Taos!

The Taos sun rises early at Mabel Dodge Lodge while the tweets of morning seep through the cracked door expectantly...it's my BIRTHDAY! Thanks fans for your enduring support...it means so much. Life is good here in New Mexico. A wonderful guitarist, Tim Valentine, is teaching me new stuff -- fingerpicking and music theory, I've started to really get into Hatha Yoga and the band is scheduling rehearsals for when I return to Seattle in June. If you're in Seattle then, we're playing @ Triple Door Musicquarium on 6/24. I'm also totally jazzed about getting to visit NPR Music in early June...who knows, maybe I'll land a spot on Tiny Desks! If you've not done so, I'd be honored if you'd "like" my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emerging-Artist-Paula-Boggs/126301764061456

It's a global village!

Many of my fans speak English, Spanish or Hebrew. This is just a short note to say "thanks for your support!" Please keep listening and tell your friends. You can download for free and listen to any of my music through "Paula Boggs Band" App on ITunes.

רבים מעריצים ג'נגו שלי לדבר אנגלית, ספרדית או עברית. זו רק הערה קצרה לומר "תודה על התמיכה שלך!" נא לשמור על הקשבה לספר לחברים שלך. ניתן להוריד בחינם ולהאזין לכל המוסיקה שלי דרך App "פולה בוגס Band" ב-iTunes.

Muchos de mis fans Jango hablan Inglés, español o hebreo. Esto es sólo una pequeña nota para decir "gracias por su apoyo!" Por favor, mantenga escucha y dile a tus amigos. Usted puede descargar de forma gratuita y escuchar a cualquiera de mi música a través de "Paula Boggs Band" App Store en iTunes: