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Mary The Wolf / Blog

Austin, so far.

New Culture. If two words could sum-up how I feel about Austin, TX, they would be "new culture." Drive through a desert of marsh in Louisiana and a desert of desert in Texas. When you get to the middle of the 2nd biggest state, a green haven for every fresh soul awaits. Been here six months now and I couldn't feel more at home anywhere else. Weird though it may be, or better put, weird though it is, Austin is the breeding grounds for a generation of new music. Inspiration is found through diversity, lights, cameras, and actions in Austin with music serving as a living testimonial to a newborn attitude . Austin is a wall to bounce your new ideas off of and when you've finally molded your new ideas (or yourself) into its full potential, Austin allows you to transcend through its vast network of acquaintances and contacts in almost EVERY industry; especially the music/arts industries. So for those of us youth, looking at everything and finding pieces of ourselves along the way, Austin is the place to put those pieces together; for me anyways. More or less, the energy of Austin aligns seamlessly with my musically driven mind and I could not have found a better place to be for my best years... Europe might have been cool, though.