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McKail Seely / Blog

Words of Wisdom

I was a little upset last night. As I looked out into the distance, I could see the city of Los Angeles with a smothering dark cloud of smog hovering over the many glowing lights. I couldn't help but think about all the cruel happenings in the world and how WE as humans are causing it. I thought to myself, "Why should I even try if it seems as though this world is falling apart?" I know this sounds dramatic but, you know those times when feel hopeless as though there's no light or love left inside of you? Well, that's how I felt. As I walked inside with fear welling up inside of me, I turned to a friend for comfort. We spoke back and forth for a little while but, nothing seemed to help my minor case of depression. Then all of a sudden, I heard those sweet words of wisdom. He said to me, "The reason why we try is because it feels good. It just feels right." For some reason those are the exact words that I needed to hear. It appeared to me that I try at life because it's gratifying to live. It feels good to move towards something bigger than myself. Yeah, no one told us that this life would be easy but, you can always rely on what feels right. I know for me, that has never steered me wrong. :)

Much LOVE, McKail Seely

ATO Records!

Wow, I can't believe that I am just hearing about ATO! The men behind the scenes of this record company are Dave Matthews,Coran Capshaw, Michael McDonald, and Chris Tetzeli. They have built a company based on music that actually has a meaningful purpose. It is so awesome to know that there is a record company out there that REALLY does care about the music and not as much about the money! Phew...I thought the entire music industry was corrupt. So, if like the Dave Matthews Band, you'll probably love the musicians signed to ATO. Go to: http://www.atorecords.com You'll find soulful musicians like Allen Stone....not to mention that Brad Tallman and I will be his opening act on Oct 30, 2012 in SLC (The Complex) - A benefit concert for Paralympics.

Check him out as well at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4Hy6kp5kIs

Spread the word on music making a difference, McKail Seely

Videos on Youtube

This past month has been interesting. :) I had an angry fan of mine tell me that he was going to stop Subcribing to my Youtube page(http://youtube.com/mckailseely1). He seemed to be a bit pissed off over the fact that I haven't posted a video in about 4 months. Well, here's the deal, I WILL post a new video this next week! Brad and I are brain-storming on a more...entertaining video for fans. :) I'll keep ya'll posted.

Keep on creating, Mckail Seely

Liberal Restaurant in Provo Utah?!?

Brad Tallman and I will be performing at Guru's Cafe from 8pm-10pm on Feb 29th! We would love to share a lovely night with ya'll. :) Anyways, this artical below goes to all you liberals,vegetarians, and people who like to have a good time in Provo, Utah! http://www.martysflyingveganreview.com/2010/09/gurus-cafe-provo-utah.html Thanks for checkin it out! xoxo, McKai Seely