Blog numero UNO

Yeah OK. Not much blogging here. I'm in Albuquerque, looking to get back into the music scene. Not that I haven't been obsessed with music my whole life, it's that circumstances beyond my control have kept things from happening. Believe me when I say that or not. You haven't lived my life. Maybe I can keep this band together long enough to get things going this time. I hate playing solo, so fuck that! Maybe it's easier when it's all about the party and you keep your guys drunk and high; I don't know...that shit makes me useless. So I hate it and avoid it. I mean, sure, I'd like to numb out to all the pain inside, but then would you ever hear about me or my music? I think not. It's too good of an excuse-"OH yeah, He's on drugs...he never got his shit together...too bad cause his shit is better than the radio..." what a cliche; sounds like a kid in every town everywhere. I had my long hair cut off...Part of me likes it way better now and part of me feels like a plucked chicken. I could really use a cigarette but I quit that too. For my voice. Yeah I sound better when I sing, but I could use some peace. Come to think of it I kinda miss drinking, too. Of course I would regret it, but for the time being I could at least feel better for awhile. I have to believe that it will be worth it once I start gigging again. Will to power, right? A little sacrifice of my temporary wellbeing will pay off when I start to hear the roar of the crowd again, because the music, the songs, the band, my voice, my presence, ...will all be so much better than before. I have to believe that. No drinking,smoking,drugs...what I need is...A LOT OF SEX!!!