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The guitar's play are Jackson SL2 Copper Snake Skin & Maple Flame Top models, BC Rich Bich Double Neck 6/12, BC Rich Classic Exotic Bich, Washburn Festival Series 12/6 Double Neck Acoustic. I use a rack system, Furman Power Conditioner, Behringer Autocom Pro Audio Interactive Dynamics Processor MDX-1400, FBQ Ultragraph Pro 31 Band Graphics EQ, Crown XLS-602 power amp. Multiple Behringer BG412S and BG412F Stereo/Mono 4x12 cabinets with the Jensen 100 watt speakers, a Randall Warhead 2x15 Jaguar straight cabinet. POD XT- Live Pedalboard, Sennheiser EM1 Wireless System. I have been in the music buisness for over thirty years. Playing and recording with many bands on the west coast and east coast. Working with Triple X Records in Hollywood and many artists,including BodyCount,The Ultra's,Epperley,Lodestone and Deliverance. Recording projects worked on include, Nat the Cat Blowin Up LP Ideal Records,1738 Canyon Drive Hollywood CA 90028. The Executioner D-Roc with Ice-t's BodyCount for work submitted under on the BodyCount Born Dead Lp/Rhyme Syndicate Records,North Lebrea ave,Hollywood Ca. 1994 Virgin Records America,INC 338 N Foothill Road.Beverly Hills Ca.90210 BeatMaster V Drum Beats and Dope Fills/Global Good News Network Los Angeles CA. Photography for The Epperley Self title LP/Triple X Records Los Angeles Ca. Played with Inablackout from 11/07 to 09/12. Currently working with a new band due out spring 2013 and Co-Star in the "Bard of Blood" to be released January 2013 on Moongoyle Entertainment.