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Dr L.K / Blog

"Nowhere To Hide" Dr LK

Hey all, yo yo yo, what's up, Wah Gwaan, How's Tings, Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Witam, Hallo, GREETINGS. "Nowhere To Hide" Dr LK You know sometimes you take a blast into the past, trawl through the archives of your life etc? Well I had one of these moments recently and was going through some previously recorded and unreleased tracks that I'd done. This one "Nowhere To Hide", I came across many others and thought I'd throw this one up and out there. In our lives, there's many things that we use as markers, so to speak, that will remind us of a certain part of our life and lives. This track/song is available as a free download from here, should anyone wish to do so. I'll also be putting up a Youtube stream of this real soon. The new singles are as good as complete, which I'll be releasing as an EP in preparation for the new album that will be dropping in 2015 sometime. The songs/tracks on the EP are a mix of club tracks, Hip Hop/Rap and the good old relationship patch up kinda track haha. Anyway, they're all a taste of what to expect AND MORE from the upcoming new album from me, Dr LK. So if you like you can sign up to my mailing list or simply follow me on my social network links, which you can find here or on my main website page. You know, and I'm sure you do too, I look back and see as well as hear how things and myself have changed over the years. Our lives are forever taking new directions and coming across new challenges. If I were to ask you "What changes have you noticed the most in your lives over the past 5 years?" What would your answer be? Stay focused, blessed and most of all, keep the belief in yourself. Bless Up One Love

New Material

Yo Crew, Giving you all a heads up and update as to what's flowing in my corner. Got some new styles and projects working on in the pipeline, so will be releasing a few new tracks within the next couple of months. I've just enlisted the services of Publicist/Talent Manager Tamara Khan from Aire Communications, so real exciting about this new working partnership. Hope all is going well in your world of dreams, bringing them into the world of reality. Stay focused n Blessed all.

"Restraint" Available now

Hiya all,

The re-release of Restraint is now live and available for download on various online retailers. You can visit my main website www.lincoln-kennedy.com for more info/links etc.

This year I'll be working more on the promotional sides of things, as well as videos. But obviously I'm sure pen will find paper in-between coffee breaks and pen some new tracks down :).

All the best


Time to Howl Control - New Club Single

Heya all,

Just another heads up from Dr LK's corner. I've just uploaded a fresh new club track "Time to Howl Control", where you can be one of the first to hear this single.

Now this track is going to be squeezed and placed on the album "Less Chatter, More Torque", which is being re-released soon after some slight re-vamping. Take a listen and see what you think crew.

All the best.


Musicians/Singers/Songwriters/Rappers - It's Time To Fly

As an eagle - It's time to fly...

Have you ever wondered why you only see things from one angle, one perspective, one view and more importently, ONE AIM?.

This is because our focus is level headed, one level, which in turn is low level. We're unable to focus or see high enough in order to progress and move forward.

We become stagment, paralised and unable to move from the point we're at. We may know where we want to be or even where we'd like to get. But because of this low level vision, we're unable to see past the obstacles and plan a route or plan of action around them.

WE NEED VISION. That's right, vision. We need to foucs on our goals from a higher level, just like an eagle focuses on its prey. We too need to be way up high above the mountains and obstacles we face in order to find a clear path to our success and the birth of our dreams.

We need to be in a position where we can seek out opportunities, pause and get ourselves into position, be ready and then strike at that precise moment.

How many out there effortly and continue to roam around sites where you see the same people, the same avenues, the same artists, but the real prey, that prey of success and fans remain aloof? How many of us entertain each other, so to speak? How many of us hunger for that dream, that reality, that thirst for exposure, success and acknowledgement? Yet we patrol and walk blindly along the same paths, hoping that the prey will discover us?

Prey doesn't discover anyone or anything Prey is a master of disguise, camouflage and evasion. This is why success can be so hard to find and to hold onto. For success has been highly trained by PREY.

We need to be the eyes in the sky, the ears of the night and the feel of the torrain. Only then will we be able to plan our route, to see the obstacles we face. You've heard the saying "strike while the iron is hot", well where's the point in strinking if the irons already run cold or you haven't even heated it up yet.

Music is your talent, talent is your aim, but success is your prey. You need to use your music and talent in such a way that you not only seek out your prey, but you wait for that precise moment, then you strike and claim your prey.

In order to do this, you need to fly like an eagle, adapt like an eagle, think like an eagle, have vision like an eagle, be as strategic like an eagle. Beacuse a solitary eagle can do all this and still succeed.

Want to be a successful artist, songwriter or musician???? Then follow the way of an eagle......


More Than Just A Story

Hi all, it's Dr LK knocking on your door.

Just giving you all a heads up here to let you know that by way of thanks for past, present and future support, I'm making the 3rd installment of my trio of debut album releases available as a free download.

"More Than Just A Story" is fused with an artillery of 20 tracks, ready to take aim and shoot in your direction. But don't worry people, it's not live ammo, but it's not firing blanks either, as each track contains and equal balance of entertainment, creativity, emotional, upbeat, inspirational and memorable content.

You can download each track right here or on my Reverbnation profile from the songs playlist. The track listing is as follows :-

1. Showtime 2. Crazy Fame 3. I'm On It 4. Fire 5. Cradling Pretence 6. Backstage Pass 7. When You Come Home 8. Now I'm Making Hits 9. No Roots 10. Since You Left Me 11. Fire Under My Skin 12. Hittin The Club 13. Memories 14. Nightmare 15. Power Hour 16. My Hearts On Fire 17. Bullet Proof 18. Knock em Down 19. I'm Already Gone 20. The Greatest

My other 2 installments to my trio of debut albums, "Restraint" & "Less Torque, More Chatter", are also now available to purchase download.

Oh and hey, why not check out some of the Youtube videos I've put together? They're nothing flash and fancy etc, but just a little something I've rummaged together to highlight a few of my songs. More indepth videos are due to follow in the early parts of 2013.

That's about all for now people, from me Dr LK.



The Art Of Technology

Now you're probably thinking what part or form of technology is an art? Well it's not in the shape of a drawing, a sketch or even a painting, but it's more to do with the design and its reliability.

The art lies with the designer or inventor of any given piece of technology or construction for that matter. And the reliability comes in the form of how the designer (artist) presents it to you. Technology is an art if it's perceived in a way that it gains your attention, it presents itself to you in such a way it leaves you mesmerised or even astonished. And just like the old classic piece or art in your local museum, technology both new and old can be quite expensive indeed.

We may think within our households that the technology is modern, up to date and in some ways quite futuristic. Then, you go and watch some sci-fi flick and think, wow we could do with some of that. The technology is out there for sure but only a chosen few have the pleasure of experiencing such technology at close hand.

What makes or who puts such a high price on technology, who decides how much a micro chip cost or a little resistor? I guess the principal is the same for the man next door who drives a mini and the woman across the road who drives a porsche. Both do exactly the same job just in slightly different ways, but the underlying technology is based upon the same art template.

Then lets look at the reliability issues. Now if they can safely build and send an airplane air born to travel hundreds of miles, if they build and send a shuttle back and forwards into space without breaking down or with a very high track record of reliability, then why not the same for our humble cars, tv's, computers or watches? I mean you're not likely to call for the Rac or AA should you break down 20 odd thousand feet up in the air or beyond. Well to me the answers quite simple where technology is concerned, it's all about the economy and sustaining the survival of mankind. Cause if we had cars that never broke down or computers that never packed up, then the art of technology would paint a very grim and dull picture for us a like, the future would be very bleak indeed.

But on the flip side, how did man manage before all this technology came to hand, before such thing as currency was invented? Oh it's very true that technology has made our lives so much easier but on the flip side it's becoming so much harder for us to sustain, keep up with and afford the ever increasing progression of technology. The latest hi-tech tv's will set you back near to a four figure sum and how reliable is that technology? Well once again they're only built to last so long and so long is never anywhere near long enough.

Don't get me wrong this isn't a negative post, it came about after hearing someone go on about how technology and the latest mod-cons are ruining his life as the need to change and keep up with it all can be somewhat of a challenge.

I could see his point, especially with us moving into this new era of technology called digital. Now here's another form of art that has been around for sometime, but now it's at the stage where peoples choices are being taken away from them and whether they can afford to or not they are forced to make the switch, in some cases way before they can afford to.

The art of technology is a picture that will sit nicely on one persons wall but on another persons wall you will see the imperfections.


Dreams and Dreaming

So I was going over the whole 'Dream' momentum of life. How much do you believe in dreams or the dreams you have? Do you take note of your dreams and act on those that you have? Do you even dream at all or remember your dreams? And last but not least, do your dreams frighten you?

Dreams are such an important part of our lives, though maybe we don't realise this or take much notice of this. But while we're asleep, this is when our mind truly comes alive in its creative and imaginative form.

I generally remember every dream that I have and fortunate enough for me I do not have bad dreams or nightmares often at all. I distinguish the two as I believe bad dreams and nightmares are two totally different entities in their own right. I mean a bad dream could be you falling over and breaking an arm, but a nightmare, well, nightmares are in a different league altogether.

Dreams and our way of dreaming just fascinates me. Everything about a dream intrigues me, be it good or bad. It's like we become a different person when we dream, maybe someone we don't really know, as when we dream we're kind of setting our minds free, releasing it into another dimension of life that can't exist in the conscious world of our minds.

And how creative can dreams be? I often think back on my (the ones I remember of course) and think who was that person? Do I know them? Will I get to know them? Have they in some way crossed my path of life?

The images of people we create while dreaming is so vast, some are those of people we know, but then you have those random dream like characters that leave you wondering just who they are or were. How much notice do you take of your dreams or do you simply wake up and crack on with you day?

I do personally believe that there is more to a dream that meets the living eye. It's like the mind truly is a world, a universe of it's own, which deep down is different to the world we live in, in our conscious (awake) state of mind.

Dreaming is important to us as it also helps us to recover, heal and mend. And where nightmares are concerned, well I guess these are like counsellors, in the sense they force us to face and deal with our demons. We may not like them or be afraid of them, but until we tackle the issues involved in such nightmare dreams, then they will persist.

This has just been my basic overview of how I perceive dreams and dreaming.

Would be nice to hear your thoughts and views on dreams.

All the best


Music - Its a living Entity

Music is more than just all around us, its part of our heart and soul, its a living Entity. It echoes around every breath we take and thoughts we have. Can you for a minute envisage the silence of music and song? Or even the importance of music and song to those of us unfortunate not to hear? As even those who may not be able to hear a spoken word, will hum a tune, a piece of music or sing a song. There's just no end or silence to music and what it can bring to our hearts and soul. A musical Entity that roams freely in our world, this world. And just like an Entity, a piece of music or a song, may not be seen, but will always be felt.

With each and every heart beat, we can compose a new piece of personal music to ourselves. Music and song I feel is something we take for granted, it doesn't matter its style, genre or origin, music is a form of language, translated, interpreted and adapted in our own way. What I can take from a piece of music or a song, someone else can give. What I may put into a piece of music or a song, someone else can take away and use.

Music is a world of unknown bounderies, like an Entity it has no limits as to the heights or even depths it can reach. I feel it is safe to say that at some point in our every day lives, music and song will play an important part of it. Even if its just sitting down to your favourite sitcom, you'll know the theme music or song off by heart. Maybe you're preparing the evening meal, once again, you may find yourself humming away to a tune or a song. You could be in the shower, at a party or friends, simpy just relaxing at home or driving to a location. Have we ever stopped to wonder just how important music is to our lives and just how much it would be missed?

Music is educational, entertaining, understanding, a teacher and a guide, a comforter or companion. Just what are the depths as to what music and song can reach. It's the language of our hearts a living and breathing Entity with every note or tone played or heard.

Music is a world we all relate too, the passion of our life, as there will always be a piece of music or a song with our signature on it.

Music - Its a living Entity....


Got A Favourite Song

Hey All,

If you hear a particular song you like, hit me up and let me know. It's always a good thing to know what people relate too, what they like or kinda like.

I guess with working in various genre's and styles, what one person may like 10 may hate, and visa verse, what 10 people may like, 1 may hate. But I guess that is what I'm out to do, provide a platform that is broader than most, giving you choice but in a smaller space, so to speak.

Even I still have bounderies I'd like to exceed, improvements I need to make, changes I may need to adapt, but that's what life's all about, life is never about giving up, so whatever your aims, dreams and goals that you would like to achieve in life, it's all about trying. As long as you try and give it your all, then you'll never fail, no matter the outcome.

Uhmmmm what turned out to be a simple questions has evolved into something extra :).

Anyway, share the link with your friends to my page and see what they think. :).