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Mas Gordo - Comment

You really have to appreciate this: “I think this would be a better hip hop kind of song, judging by the way it started. I would add faster vocals , with lyrics that have a good rhythm to them, like in a lot of rapping and hip hop songs. It would sound better if it was sung faster to maybe a more stylish and higher pitch range. It would make the song seem more dynamic, with a raw edge to it.” - which is really a uniqiue point of view...

Nice review ("of more than enough")

“i dont like the intro of it, it is like so pointless and dumb. i dont like the melodies, they are too simple and pitch problems. i dont like the vocal of this guy, its raw and strong. i dont like the artist, he is unprofessional.”

Review on Awakening

“"I feel like I'm watching an 80s TV sitcom" is the very first thought that will enter a person's mind that will listen to this track. Later on that feeling changes, but the 80s vibe lingers on. In fact, much of the latter portion of the song feels like it would fit in some sort of post-apocalyptic retro-inspired ending sequence in a musical. The synths are very lush and sweet sounding throughout. The vocalist/singer, while buried beneath layers of instrumentation and synthy goodness, still manages to evoke emotion in his voice and one can hear the lyrics just enough to understand what is going on. While sometimes you cannot hear some of the words, the ambiguity is what makes the song even better, as the listener can fill in the gaps (very My Bloody Valentine's Loveless-like). Just now I've thought of what this song reminds me of - the musical play "We Will Rock You." I feel as though a whole show can be made from this type of music and 80s synth sweetness. A decent 8.”

Review of "Moving on"

“The piano at the beginning has a melody that put a smile on my face! I like the tempo of this song, it gives the lyrics a very smooth feeling. The chorus of this song gives a warm feeling that I really enjoy. I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG! It makes me look forward to traveling around the world, but afraid at the same time. He is talking about settling down and sounds like he is also being denied from something. "The road less traveled" is a Frost reference and I really appreciate that because it shows that he is interested in poetry. The key at the end was very delicate and it was a nice way to wrap it up.”

Another session wraps

Thanks again to Tim and Adam at Villa, and especially Brent, who really turned some killer beds for us! Four new ones coming soon!

Session is over

Monster session at Villa, thanks Tim and Adam!!`

Some good tunes on the way

here they come...


Vacation is the perfect place to be inspired to compose, and the least likely place to find equipment...

Crazy-assed busy

Going to start completing a few of these open ended ideas with a new pal, Time Warp has me singing a few oldies (maybe I'll get better?), new axe swinger coming down for Fairly hoest Jim project (yes cousin, that's you). Check it all out shortly. R-D

The name eludes me
The name eludes me  (almost 3 years ago)

Thanks to Laurie and Kim, good times and good music....cheers

Ferkomator Visit

Ferks sat at the throne for the first time in years and bashed out about 25 minutes of rock solid heavily rhythmic thunderous tracks. We pressed it all and you'll see some listed later. Hoping to have him back soon. Thanks, Tony.