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Anchorage Alaska / Blog

Until the Sandman Comes

Danny will be recording the last bits for our jazzy version of our song "Until the Sandman Comes" on Thursday. We've not done our normal Anchorage Alaska "sound" for this version, but have only used piano (no strings), jazzy drums with brushes (no percussion), double bass (no electricity) and a single vocal (no harmonies), with the last instrument to be added being the low whistle (NO UILLEAN PIPES). Hopefully get a rough mix uploaded for the weekend. It's got a totally different feel from the album version, but it's just a bit of fun.

Corina and vocals

This weekend Corina will be doing vocals for some of the last songs on the album, but also taking time to do the vocals for a jazzy version of "Until the Sandman Comes", which is almost complete, except for a little bit of low whistle to be added by Danny. We will be putting a video of the recording out in the next coming weeks. We wll, of course put some photos up before then. Also uploaded is our crazy updated video version of "A Moment of Madness in Sixes". It's only short, at just under 2 mins, so check Corina's "mad" and hauntingly telephonic additions to the track!

A Moment of Madness in Sixes - VIDEO

Although busy preparing for Corina to do some more vocals for some of the last few songs for the album, we're still going to get the video fo "A Moment of Madness in Sixes" uploaded for the weekend. Corina has added some mad moments to the track and using some creepy video sent from her iphone (very apt) we think you'll like our revamped and crazy little tune! :)

Thanks to all our fans and fellow artists!

Corina, Paul, Cal, Graham and Danny would like to thank everyone for their support., which has resulted in Anchorage Alaska reaching number 1 in the Reverbnation global Celtic chart.

On Friday our typically idiosyncratic music can be heard in our full version of Peter Gabriel's classic song - Games Without Frontiers.

We hope you all enjoy!


Too many status updates!

Don't you just hate it when you press enter and realise, you shouldn't have? Can't take it back, and your work, whether right or wrong zooms of into the ether, for all to see. Status updates should be renamed "mistake updates".

Now lets just give this a quick check. No spallinnng mistakkes, or errors grammtical.

Hit ENTER and offffff into the interweb it flies!

- Paul

Mixing Games Without Frontiers

Have completed a few preliminary rough mixes (3 actually) and we're almost there. Sounding nice and hopefully put a little clip up at the weekend, with the full song next weekend! - Paul

Peter Gabriel cover recording finished

All recording is finished now and so now we only need to mix and master.

Our version has turned out really well and is very different from any of Mr. Gabriels versions. We have very rarely used any music from the original(s). Changed bass lines, very different percussion and drums, and even added some bluesy orchestral strings, Obviously the acoustic instrument arrangements are original too, only some of the piano during the verse is similar, with the odd bit of jazziness. We even have a kind of acoustic guitar and low whistle flamenco/bluesy break, which is vaguely Jethro Tullesque and we added a variation to the outro.

We hope we don't offend too many Peter Gabriel fans with our odd noise!


kloudworks  (over 1 year ago)

Funky fingers up for your version. Looking forward.

Peter Gabriel cover update

We have finished all the recording, except for a few seconds of bass and acoustic guitar at the outro. This is as a result of Danny's excellent uillean pipes riff at the outro and some additional outro vocals, so we make small changes to the bass and acoustic (actually also piano) and it fits nicely! We may leak a little clip of the intro later this weekend...

SIR BACH  (over 1 year ago)

I EnJoy your music,the concept and sound!
"WoW,What wonderful artist you are."

2013 - Progress so far...

OK the quick news is:-

1. new singer - Corina.

2. first track with Corina is a cover of a classic Peter Gabriel hit.

And that's basically the news so far.

We have uploaded some photos so you can check out Corina in the studio.

We also have changed from the rock chart to the celtic chart, because people kept saying we were very celtic. We like to think of ourselves as using very many genres, but the rock bands are happier, because we were number 2 in the UK rock charts for almost a year and we have almost no electric guitar in our first album! LOL Well, one or 2 solos, but that's all. We are now number 1 in the local and UK celtic charts and just got to number 5 in the global celtic chart.

Now while we are preparing our Peter Gabriel introduction of Corina to you all, she has been hard at work getting the vocals completed for our first album "The Band, Not The Place" and she has completed all but 3 songs of the 10 tracks.

Our mystery Peter Gabriel cover has been done with our own unique Anchorage Alaska fusion of styles, so you will hear all the usual stylistic and genre busting musical digressions. No point just copying old Pete, then you would just as well listen to his various versions of the song. So expect uillean pipes, percussion galore, bouzouki and the odd jazzy piano chord here and there!

The 2nd album has also been worked on and the guys are about half way through that! Corina can catch up later.



What is it? Well it's a kind of sausage, or savoury pudding.

What's in it? In the olden days, it was all encased in a sheeps intestine, but now more modern sausage/pudding like skins are used to contain minced sheep heart, sheep lungs, sometimes a little cute baby sheep meat (lamb), onion, seasoning/spices and oatmeal.

Although this sounds downright awful, it's actually a lot better than it sounds.


PsychoJohn  (almost 3 years ago)

sounds like any sausage to me