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Evan Garmon & The Burroughs / Blog

The beginning

....I use a small digital recording device to record my songs. It is not capable of picking up with great quality, but I love the ability to give my fans and friends my songs in their raw form. I record many of my songs within minutes of writing them and post it for you to hear. Then over time, I add to the song and experiment with sounds and instruments. As I add and record something new with a song, I post it for you to hear. I am giving my friends and fans the ability of hearing my songs as soon as they are born and then share with you the journey of each song, as it grows over time. I believe that allowing my fans and friends to have that kind of a relationship with my songs, is a very unique and different idea. It allows you all to see and hear each song, as it is made. I love your feedback and comments. Please feel free to share with me your likes and dislikes. I cherish the ability to give life to a song and then put it out there for the world to hear. I really encourage you all to attend a live show, to really feel the vibe given off...

....It's all about makin' music and havin' fun....

...One thing I love about having this band and posting my own original songs, is that I am given the ability to connect with my audience in a way that very few recording artists in the past have...I am giving you my original songs from day one of their journey into this world and you are hearing them in their raw form, some recorded only minutes after being written, flaws and all...missed time, off beats, skipped chords, flat or sharp singing, forgotten lyrics, even trying experimental sounds with various instruments that may fall by the wayside over time...I love that, because one day these songs will finally, through growth, be mature and I believe that being a part of their growth as friends and fans is a very cool and unique experience...Hope you enjoy........Evan

Free Show

On Saturday May 8th, Evan and Friends are performing live at Cup of Serenity, a coffee shop located on High point Rd in Greensboro,NC. This a free show, but 50% of all tips that we receive that night will be donated to The Tennessee Emergency Relief Fund, to help out our friends in Nashville. Please come out and enjoy the show!...