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Songs from "Music-Nation" : "Day"

Before Jon (aka JAD) and I started doing music together, I was a soloist in coffeehouse venues. I have not always been a solo artist. I was in a band called Illinoise Circle before Class Reunion. The irony is that every bandmate I have ever played with was an ex-classmate from high school. For more than 20 years I was part of a collaboration team with George Getner. We started writing songs together in 1983. Our collaboration ended in 2006 due to artistic differences. During the 20plus years that George and I were together as a band we wrote some pretty good songs, even though I wrote my own as well. "Day" happens to be one of the few songs that George and I wrote. We wrote this song in 1996. It started out as an instrumental I was experiementing with. I was just playing around with the C-scale beginning with the Am chord. Going in a circle from Am to G to F to E and back to Am. The change in the song was going to C (from Am) to Dm (3 times) to G to Am back to Cto Dm (3 times) to G to E. The song was originally called "Mayra's Theme," so-named for a girl from the church I was attending at the time. I played the song for George and he started making up words as I played, which caused me to come up with words as I continued playing. The verse starts the song which states "I go down to the market" as well as the other two that state "Well, I can't find the market" and "I go home from the market" are the parts that George wrote. My parts are the change in the song that state "going to the market," "going to the playa" (beach in Spanish) and "talking to my father." In the late 1990s when I was performing in the coffeehouses this was the most popular song on my playlist along with one other that I wrote. Today, "Day" is still a very popular song amongst Class Reunion's playlist. I am grateful for the talent that God has bestowed upon and to see that "Day" is still as popular as it was 14 years ago when it was first performed to an audience. Thanks for listening, Shaggy Docious

"Say Goodbye to Me" (Demas/Sánchez)

If you have ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a suicide victim before the act, then listen to the song. It just states some of the many things that may go through one's head as they are thinking of ending it all. When Jon (aka JAD) first brought me the lyrics, I thought he was the one with the problem until he explained it to me. Afterwards, I just molded the lyrics a tad bit and added this music I was experimenting with, based on some suggestions Jon had given me. I have to admit that I like dark music such as the early sounds of Black Sabbath (with Ozzy Osbourne). What I do is use notes from the low E string on the guitar and/or bass, depending which I have on hand at the time. and play slow melodic tones. Listen songs like "How Does a Boy" where, although it is a ballad, it has a dark overtone. "Say Goodbye to Me" is just one of those fortunate songs that fits the slightly upbeat, dark overtone music that I enjoy creating every once in awhile. I hope you enjoy listening to it as I did writing it. See you at the Grammy's, Shaggy Docious

Song Say Goodbye To Me (origins)

This song, which was completed in 2009, had actually began in 1980 when I was was in grade school. I had 2 friends who ended their lives before the age of 15. I started writing down things about the loss of these close friends of mine. I put my lyrics away until Class Reunion was being formed between 2007 and 2009. I started writing again and decided to write from the perspective that this person has given up and to show the listener the complete song from where this person is in his mind on the decision to end his life. Lines like "I'm not the man you thought I'd be", "life just not worth the time to live" and "People thought I'd be who they want me to be: I'm just a shadow of what I want in this world". Meanwhile, my music partner Mark L. Sánchez was writing this dark pounding music and when I e-mailed him my lyrics, it was like this song wrote itself and we were just along for the ride. Mark can tell you more about the music aspect of this song, but make no mistake, this song does not try to influence anyone to take his or her life, as we believe in life continuing and not ending. Please, comment on this and all blogs and ask us about this or any other song we have here. Listen to the song yourself, as we have 2 different versions on our song list here. Thanks for reading! Jonathan A. Demas 10-11-2012

"MUSIC-NATION" album for sale here & Itunes

Class Reunion release at the end of July our full 18 song all original album. Songs recorded from 2009 through 2012 and we called it simply "MUSIC-NATION". The review of the album can be seen on skopemag.com as written by music reviewer Jimmy Rae. This album is also available on Itunes as well. Check it out and we hope to get our music to as much people as possible. Even if you don't buy a copy of our CD, tell a friend or a loved one about it so we can get the word out about our music. Thanks for reading this! JAD

Day (acoustic version)

Our 1st single "Day" (acoustic version) has been released to Skopemag.com and will be feature there for a month. This is the first single off of our new album:MUSIC-NATION. Class Reunion will also be have a full feature on Skopemag.com for 12 months+. Thanks! JAD