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Violent Faith (Official) / Blog

24hr Sale at Guitar Center

Psst! Don't miss out. Our 48-hour sale is happening now at Guitar Center!!! http://www.guitarcenter.com/Promos/ClaimDiscountCoupon.aspx?pid=7800&source=4XBAFCBK

Updates on the Donkey Contest

To everyone who voted for us in the Naughty Donkey Contest for Mainstage, We would like to personally thank you all for your votes!!

The Naughty Donkey has offered Violent Faith a position to play the show from conversations prior to the vote, we have accepted their offer and have Requested to be removed from the contest for Mainstage.

Thanks everyone for your time and votes, We'll see you at the show!! Sunday May 26th!


Do you have a minute?

Please give us your help today from anywhere in the world!

Show Violent Faith your support and vote for us to Headline this years local stage at the Memorial Day Weekend Festival at The Naughty Donkey 10 year Anniversary Weekend Blowout. Voting only takes a second and there's no sign up, no page to like nothing just follow link and click on Violent Faith in the list! Thank you!!!!!

You can vote until May 8th! http://www.moshpitnation.com/naughty-donkey-local-band-voting/


Musicians Biographies & More!

Come Explore Music, Musicians and Music Gear! We are excited to present a website dedicated to talented musicians and their bands. Musicians Bio's goal is simple. To introduce you to some great Musician's and their Gear! To Blog about: Musicians -Music- Gear & Music News. You will also find links to available merchandise of these fine Artist. You can submit your Bio for FREE today along with a CD or T-shirt for a Free Review of your stuff!! Just copy and past the link below. http://www.musiciansbio.com/indie-artist/

Violent Faith on Radio FUBAR!

It's almost time to check in with Mr. Producer and our friends at The Mr. Producer Show on Radio Fubar !!! Stay tuned for times and dates to listen live, call in, text, and hang out with everyone for the show.

Mr. Producer http://producershow.radiofubar.com/

Radio FUBAR http://radiofubar.com/

New Music on the way...

Work is going well on the next album, we currently have half of the songs worked out for it.. stay tuned for updates and some sneak peaks!

As we also have been given creative permission to remake and record a song from one of the Biggest Metal bands from Chicago Diamond Rexx !!!!!

More information soon to come....

WGRD ROCKTAGON Online Vote!!!!!

LINK TO VOTE WGRD 97.9 Battle for The Rocktagon http://wgrd.com/vote-for-your-favorite-band-to-advance-to-the-rocktagon-throwdown-finals/?trackback=fbshare_top

Come vote for Violent Faith to move on in the WGRDs Battle for the Rocktagon! We need eveyones vote to move on in this contest!

To read this and hit the like buttom here doesn't help us.. you must follow the link and place your vote at the WGRD website by scrolling down the list of videos, checking the dot by Violent Faith and the scrolling to the bottom of the page and hit the Vote Button!

it will ask for a captcha to confirm. You can vote Once PER HOUR per IP ADDY so you can return and vote over and over each day each hour until Friday!

VOTE LINK! http://wgrd.com/vote-for-your-favorite-band-to-advance-to-the-rocktagon-throwdown-finals/?trackback=fbshare_top

Facebook event link https://www.facebook.com/events/306973679431334/

WGRD's Battle for the Rocktagon!!

We would like to say thanks to Grand Rapids' Rock Alternative - 97.9 WGRD, Jackie Green and The Orbit Room for having Violent Faith out for the Battle!! We have taken a great blow by Pass of Aggression but we hope to come back swinging during the online round!


Congratulations Pass of Aggression!

Get the New Violent Faith Mobile App today!!

We now have the Violent Faith mobile app set yp for everyone!!! get the VF mobile app today from ReverbNation and never miss a beat! Stay up to date with every thing we do right from your own mobile deivice.


Help Us, Come show your support!

Show us your support today! as new Contests and Battles are starting for 2013 here is the link to support us to Play at the Crossroads Festival, (Madison Square Gardens) with Eric Clapton!

Please follow (copy and paste into browser) link below and add your name to the support list! and listen to at least one of the songs or watch one of the videos for us, Thank you!!