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D.Lavi / Blog

Week 43 D.Lavi holds the top 3 Funk Songs on N1M

Week 43 D.Lavi holds the top 3 Funk Songs on N1M Israel. NumberOneMusic.com URL: http://www.numberonemusic.com/dlavi N1M Short URL: http://n1m.co/dlavi NumberOneMusic Charts | week 43, 2014 Hi D.Lavi ! Congratulations, Your songs in Top 100 N1M Charts: Burn #1 for Funk in Israel The Izebel Distraction #2 for Funk in Israel Better Than Wine #3 for Funk in Israel Regards, N1M team

Never give up

Never give up on your art, your gift, that dream to be. Make life happen. Don't just dream about it. Do it.

This Really Happened

Okay, so I was at a mall outside of Haifa & I noticed some daisy dukes wearing this young lady like a glove, all up in the cuts front & back. Not that I was... I was paying attention to her; I was just wondering if the daisy dukes were a 100% cotton or spandex because of religious people in the area. & regarding her, I was thinking about the future & how talented she looked. So somehow we got into a conversation about occupations & getting together on a professional level. She asked me, "What type of work do you do?" I told her, "I'm an artist, I compose songs." She said she loves music & loves to dance. I asked her, "Would you dance for me......" & before I could finish she said, "Yes, her & her friend would dance for me." I smiled as I continued saying, ".....in a world wide music video?" All of a sudden it was like the lights came on & she said "she couldn't do that in a video because she's a devout Christian & it would give the wrong impression of her".

To you few haters

You comment anything negative may your negativity be upon you a 100 fold. Understand, with or without the help of others I press forward by all means necessary & leaves a trail for my loved ones to follow.

New Beginnings

Consider the flowers that bloom & the trees that blossom in the spring. The old fades away, the new comes in, thats when the new year begins. If you didn't get that opportunity break through last year, this year may be the year it happens. Shalom

"I'll Never Leave You" song/video D.Lavi


Loved Ones 2014

Many did not live to see 2014, Consider it a blessing that you did. Contribute love to all & positive energy, make peace not strife, be all that you can be & give thanks to the Creator of all creation.

The Song Burn by D.Lavi

The lyrics to this song ask the question; if you came to the understanding that something is wrong in your world will you correct it? We must be responsible / take responsibility of our own lives, stop fighting each other & blaming the other man for our mistakes/errors. The Most High has blessed me to take control of my mind I live now. My beliefs are in my songs that I share with you. Shalom & One Love

D.Lavi (Invitation)

Here's an extraordinary invite to you all. Come view my band/music page. Good feedback is welcome, listen to & of-course show some love & purchase as many songs as you like. Your support is appreciated. Blessings


To all who logged on to YouTube & watched the "D.Lavi-Burn (Official Video)" thank you for your comments via YouTube Likes, Facebook, Text/Phone Calls, e-mail & mail. Also thank you all who purchase my songs. The next song & video will be released soon. As me "D.Lavi" and my group members do our part in a Good Work... Thank you for your support. Yah Chai! Blessings