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Clive Barratt / Blog

"Wall of Storms" now on CD Baby

WALL OF STORMS the debut CD by Clive Barratt is now available on CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/clivebarratt2 WALL OF STORMS has 12 original tracks. You can buy individual tracks for $0.99 each, or buy the entire album for just $9.99, and get all 12 songs for the price of 10.

New Song On TalentCast - Please Vote

Playing this week on TalentCast radio - Hear the new album version of 'I Miss You'. Listen to the entire show at https://talentcast.nl/listen.php?page=podcast. Every song on the show is excellent. You can also vote for your favourite song at https://talentcast.nl/vote.php... Voting Closes Monday evening in Europe (Monday morning in North America) Please vote.


PLEASE VOTE for me & my song THESE ARE THE RULES, on CBC Radio's SEARCHLIGHT Contest ("Vancouver - On The Coast" region) - http://music.cbc.ca/#/Searchlight-On-The-Coast

On the voting page, you can save time by typing "Clive Barratt" in the search box. My name will pop up after just a few letters.

140 artists are entered in Vancouver's "On The Coast" region. Of those, 20 will survive to Round-1. Only with your help, will I have a chance of getting through to Round-2.

You can vote once a day, everyday until Sunday April 6th, when Round-1 ends.

Thank you

CBC Searchlight Contest - Voting starts Monday March 24

CBC Radio 3's Searchlight Canadian Music Contest for 2014 starts this Monday, 24 March.

I can be found in the Vancouver grouping of artists under CBC "On The Coast" .


You don't have to be Canadian or live in Canada to vote. If you can vote just once for my song "These Are The Rules", that would be fantistic. You can vote everyday for a week if you want.

My album WALL OF STORMS is nearly completed. Take a sneak preview of "These Are The Rules" right now.

Upcoming CBC Radio Contest & a Sneak Preview

CBC Radio 3 has launched it's Searchlight Music Contest for 2014. Voting for top songs will start on (or right after) March 23rd, in CBC regions across the country. Eligible musicians are grouped into one of the 24 CBC Radio regions. CBC "On The Coast" is where you will find myself and other musicians from the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. When voting begins, I would greatly appreciate your vote for my song "These Are The Rules". If you have a few seconds when you're online, you can vote everyday for a week. My album WALL OF STORMS is nearly completed. You can have a sneak preview of the album version of "These Are The Rules" right now. http://music.cbc.ca/play/artist/Clive-Barratt/These-Are-The-Rules

Wall of Storms Album Progress Update

Hi friends,

I have just updated both my SellaBand biography and my funding plan, to bring them in line with the latest developments. (https://www.sellaband.com/en/projects/clivebarratt)

I just came from the studio again yesterday, after completing the last of 54 musical tracks in the album version of "I'M WITHOUT YOU". Yes!...54 tracks already and we're still not quite done yet! Drums and vocals are next, adding at least another 16 tracks to this song (70 in total. When I walked into the studio yesterday, producer Rob Begg played back what we had so far and it gave me goose bumps (in a good way). This is one song that will have a "big, fat, full" sound.

I will hold off on posting a specific album release date until all recording is finished. Studio work is perhaps the greatest variable in this entire process, which makes fixing a date difficult until all recording is completed.

Between your generous funding contributions and the portion of my own money which I have set aside for this project, I am within my budget plan and I am pleased with the progress and quality of what is coming out of the studio.

Thanks again for your patience...it will be worth it.

New Release "These Rules" by Clive Barratt

I have a new release "THESE RULES". Hear the engaging lyrics and if you like it, please give me your vote in CBC Radio3's SEARCHLIGHT CONTEST. Follow this link to hear "These Rules" and to vote: http://r3.ca/0YR6

Ongoing Debut Album Progress

Have been in and out of Marpole Productions' Langley, BC studio several times over the past three weeks, with three separate songs in various stages of development. One song I am particularly happy about is a newly written song called "Don't be a Stranger". On this song, I can tell you that I have not only written the melody and the lyrics as is the case with each song on my debut album, but arranged the riffs for lead guitars, bass guitars and various other parts of the song. Obviously, other musicians play most of those parts for the studio recording, but it does feel good to be able to take a home-made demo into the studio, play it for the producer and realize that major changes are not going to be needed, other than re-recording everything again to achieve CD and broadcast quality...that's where the magic touches of producer Robb Begg will come in.

This song writing and recording is fun (...most of the time)

Shaw TV to air a segment on success of the Coffee and Jam Concerts

Well, my acting career has just started... if only for a for a couple of hours. Just kidding, of course, but I did get a taste of being in front of a television camera, being asked to repeat various actions over again, from several different viewing angles, for the benefit of the rather large and expensive looking camera. Much of the Coffee and Jam concert was videod, along with the dancing and activity out on the dance floor. Following the entertainment, I was interviewed for about 15 minutes. The entire shoot lasted about 2 1/2 hours, although after editing, the actual segment will likely be about 4-5 minutes. I hope they only use the good footage. This television segment will be aired on Shaw TV in the near future. I am not sure of the date yet. Shaw TV's chose to run a television segment on the development, growth and success of the Coffee and Jam concert program, the workers and volunteers ivolved, and the positive effect it has on the community. Coffee and Jam concerts started about 2 1/2 years ago.

Marpole Records - New Song Soon To Be Released

On May 5th, the last track was recorded for my new song "TONIGHT YOU'RE GOING OUT". Mixing of tracks (over 70 of them), begins on Monday, May 9th, at Marpole Records in Langley, B.C. This song is being professionally engineered and produced by multi-talented and seemingly tireless producer/musician Rob Begg of Marpole Records. In addition to Rob's expertise and guidance, the invaluable and greatly appreciated contributions of drummer/vocalist Roger Belanager of Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) will compliment this song with you guessed it; drums and some excellent backing vocals.

Pending the final polishing, the song should be available in mid to late May.