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Nin Winter / Blog

New writing & jam workshop groups 2015

Due to interest regarding, jam nights & workshops which started on a monthly basis 2014 - New Facilitators are required to give some of us a break. If your interested & are happy to travel to Melbourne based venues & private studio' s please, contact, www.Ninwinter.co or msg me here... Cheers & Stay Loose.

Reverbnation - Local charts..

Wow. Thank You for your support! Despite it all, Your wonderful support, feedback & clicks have kept my music samples up in the top 10 since 2011 :-) New music on the way & Jams Galore with old & new friendships is the backdrop for 2015 No matter the challenges imposed on us or obligated by life, Doing what you love, & are passionate about always finds a way. Stay loose.

2015 Jam

New 2015 Jam Night - in Hallam this Month, & set up for ten is already booked out. Wow! For Venue, & information regarding Net Month, Please, contact me here, on Twitter / NinWinter Google.com/NinWinter facebook.com/Nin.Winter or at www.Ninwinter.Co Stay Loose

2015 Jam

In 2014 local jam nights started up held at various venues & private studio's. Thanks to everyone who participated, a lot of fun & workable concepts were formed. New Jam Night kicks of Feb 7th (sat night) 8pm - late. Msg here or contact via ninwinter@ninwinter.co Looking forward to seeing you - Happy New Year & Peace for All.

new tracks.

New tracks recently performed with "Jumpbox" including, "" Shush Child" from "NinIan" released 2006 *****http://www.aria.com.au/pages/ArchivedAustralianReleases-April2006.htm ***** & some exciting new "feel" tracks including Promise & Celebration will be accessible soon,. Thanks for the support guys at the following official links.. google.com/NinWinter http://person.yasni.com/nin+winter+1160095 https://myspace.com/ninwinter/music/songs INDEPENDENT MUSIC • Soundvault - Artists • • Twitter: Nin Winter • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nin-Winter/198080270222750 reverbnation.com/NinWinter www.aria.com.au/pages/ArchivedAustralianReleases-April2006.htm Stay loose.

Unrelated Ip intrusion & Serious shite! Alert

By March 2014 All (18 cybers quatter domains) Accounts assoc. with Meleotrope.com Biz owned by Brendon Ruddick were suspended by long time service provider, Servage Net for Abuse. Despite tiresome address, previously & formally addressed violations, site link & search engine penalty ,owner continues to ignore basic known rights, & obfuscate responsibility seemingly confident long silent civil action is the only way to address a Net Bully, Raise Alarm & Awareness - An identified user of Hidden, proxy sub net & Black hat url ranking & raised practices, owner blames hackers bots & spiders for creating a false online presence on his behalf & anyone targeted ,creating & spider feeding contaminated links similar & related links, for everyone to see, compromising , 1000's of links sites & unrelated IP's , deliberately misleading net users for self serving & malicious gain, impersonating, smearing & sabotaging unrelated same name entities , url's information, keywords links & supports, deliberately invading, & targeting known & visual unrelated support, which appears to come from all over the world, navigated from a local device Any One can own a domain. No one can own reference, brute force affiliate, or represent anyone else in any shape or form , without legitimacy , validity or consent As of August, 2013 & despite the best efforts of local police, Owner, could not be sourced or located, ignoring police calls, & conveniently relocating & evading court order non compliance, & a fair court address. Pretty sad, when one considers, the level of serp spam & abusive threads, posts & created junk holding up an infamous ICANN - WIPO - domain name Tribunal summary which rendered ,a self representing, Brendon Ruddick) use of 6 Ip's) failing to omit in its entirety, an accepted supplement provided & cross checked by lawyers) which also, included, Brendon Ruddick has no raised or validated affiliations, as claimed, submitted a fraudulent Email to back up his bullshit, & was already subject to stalking orders - Speaks for itself. Proceed with caution, when clicking on Non Official links, cross spam Dns info, Html cache, blog, thread string, social ext , headers, hash , similar & related links, & people searches, purporting to reference offending url's or unrelated same names in this Registrar's care as they have repeatedly proved to be illegally created, spider fed, misleading, attacking, illegally derived,implemented & computer harming, which is typical of owners entire net presence since 2008 & a matter for Police consideration & appropriate action. No doubt, Karma, ISP & the law will catch up. If You are concerned You are being bullied by what ever means, & More importantly if You are under 18 years of age, Seek support & advice from your School, Job, Family & Police. Remember, You have no control over how the minds & actions of some relentless & cowardly F**K affects you, BUT YOU HAVE FULL CONTROL, over who you tell, how you react & what you do about it. If you know or suspect who is bullying you & they live in Australia, A comforting place to star & bookmark is: Report. Protect. Prevent - acorn.gov.au‎ Adwww.acorn.gov.au/‎ Help Combat Cybercrime Thanks for Keeping the Net, Real, Positive & Safe! Stay Loose