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Nin Winter / Blog

Reverbnation - Local charts..

Wow. Thank You for your support! Despite it all, Your wonderful support, feedback & clicks have kept my music samples up in the top 10 since 2011 :-) New music on the way & Jams Galore with old & new friendships is the backdrop for 2015 No matter the challenges imposed on us or obligated by life, Doing what you love, & are passionate about always finds a way. Stay loose.

2015 Jam

New 2015 Jam Night - in Hallam this Month, & set up for ten is already booked out. Wow! For Venue, & information regarding Net Month, Please, contact me here, on Twitter / NinWinter Google.com/NinWinter facebook.com/Nin.Winter or at www.Ninwinter.Co Stay Loose

2015 Jam

In 2014 local jam nights started up held at various venues & private studio's. Thanks to everyone who participated, a lot of fun & workable concepts were formed. New Jam Night kicks of Feb 7th (sat night) 8pm - late. Msg here or contact via ninwinter@ninwinter.co Looking forward to seeing you - Happy New Year & Peace for All.

Another Christmas.

2014 has been a productive year, of making new contacts, friends & Music! The monthly jam sessions are a treat & will continue into 2015 For updates, Check with official links: https://plus.google.com/+NinWinter/posts https://twitter.com/ninwinter https://klout.com/Ninwinter https://www.facebook.com/Nin.Winter person.yasni.com/nin+winter+1160095 Wishing Every one a happy safe Holiday & a Sensational New year.. Stay Blessed & loose.

new tracks.

New tracks recently performed with "Jumpbox" including, "" Shush Child" from "NinIan" released 2006 *****http://www.aria.com.au/pages/ArchivedAustralianReleases-April2006.htm ***** & some exciting new "feel" tracks including Promise & Celebration will be accessible soon,. Thanks for the support guys at the following official links.. google.com/NinWinter http://person.yasni.com/nin+winter+1160095 https://myspace.com/ninwinter/music/songs INDEPENDENT MUSIC • Soundvault - Artists • • Twitter: Nin Winter • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nin-Winter/198080270222750 reverbnation.com/NinWinter www.aria.com.au/pages/ArchivedAustralianReleases-April2006.htm Stay loose.

Unrelated Ip intrusion - Alert

By March 2014 All (18 cybers quatter domains) Accounts assoc. with Meleotrope.com Biz At oz speak.com , words to the world.com , tall talker, Speech baby , Words to the world including living & deceased personal names owned by Brendon Ruddick were suspended by long time service provider, Servage Net for Abuse. Repeat offending & an identified user of Hidden, proxy sub net & Black hat url ranking & raised practices, owner of Offending of offending domains, Void of legit links, content, raised visual capacity, blames hackers bots & spiders for creating a false online presence on his behalf & anyone targeted ,creating false links & related links, for everyone to see, compromising , 1000's of links sites & unrelated Ip's smearing & sabotaging unrelated same name entities , information, keywords links & supports which appears to come from all over the world, navigated from a local device Offending url's are void of any legit organic social or net user raised capacity & thrive on proxy , dubious profiles, unrelated name brand link & buzz poisoning, webiste not the source snippet & script links, Dns Junk, & 100's of threads, search ,spam & scam links, raised from various created sources, temporary files & Duplicate Ip's As of August, 2013 & despite the best efforts of local police, Owner, could not be sourced or located, ignoring police calls, & conveniently relocating & evading court order non compliance, & a fair court address. Pretty sad, when one considers the level of serp spam & abusive threads, posts & created junk holding up an infamous ICANN - WIPO - domain name Tribunal summary which rendered ,a self representing, Brendon Ruddick) use of 6 Ip's) failing to omit in its entirety, an accepted supplement provided & cross checked by lawyers) which also, included, Brendon Ruddick has no raised or validated affiliations, as claimed, submitted a fraudulent Email to back up his bullshit, & was already subject to stalking orders - Speaks for itself. The level of obtuse, invasive aggressive serp spam typical of Brendon Ruddick & owned Ip affecting all unrelated same name entities & the vile attacks of some is aggressive, misleading, deliberate , computer harming & a matter for Police. Get a LIfe! . No doubt, Karma, ISP & the law will catch up. If You are concerned You are being bullied by what ever means, & More importantly if You are under 18 years of age, Seek support & advice from your School, Job, Family & Police. Remember, You have no control over how the minds & actions of some relentless & cowardly F**K affects you, BUT YOU HAVE FULL CONTROL, over who you tell, how you react & what you do about it. If you know or suspect who is bullying you & they live in Australia, A comforting place to star & bookmark is: Report. Protect. Prevent - acorn.gov.au‎ Adwww.acorn.gov.au/‎ Help Combat Cybercrime Thanks for Keeping the Net, Real, Positive & Safe! Stay Loose