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Nin Winter / Blog

2015 Jam

In 2014 local jam nights started up held at various venues & private studio's. Thanks to everyone who participated, a lot of fun & workable concepts were formed. New Jam Night kicks of Feb 7th (sat night) 8pm - late. Msg here or contact via ninwinter@ninwinter.co ####faceless profiles, will be treated as spam. Looking forward to seeing you - Happy New Year & Peace for All.

Another Christmas.

2014 has been a productive year, of making new contacts, friends & Music! The monthly jam sessions are a treat & will continue into 2015 Wishing Every one a happy safe Holiday & a Sensational New year.. Stay Blessed & loose.

new tracks.

New tracks recently performed with "Jumpbox" including, "" Shush Child" from "NinIan" released 2006 *****http://www.aria.com.au/pages/ArchivedAustralianReleases-April2006.htm ***** & some exciting new "feel" tracks including Promise & Celebration will be accessible soon,. Thanks for the support guys at the following official links.. google.com/NinWinter http://person.yasni.com/nin+winter+1160095 https://myspace.com/ninwinter/music/songs INDEPENDENT MUSIC • Soundvault - Artists • • Twitter: Nin Winter • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nin-Winter/198080270222750 reverbnation.com/NinWinter www.aria.com.au/pages/ArchivedAustralianReleases-April2006.htm Ps domains : ninwinter.com.au (since .2006) & ninwinter.net are offline since 2011 - so don;t waste your clicks.. Stay loose.

News Letters & coming Home.

My visit abroad has come to an end. My Mind still boggling by the enormity of Hong Kong , Rome & the like Airports. One thing world wide is the feels & expression of Music which is undoubtedly & truly universal. My new newsletter includes pictures, visits, people & music documented on my trip while doors open for work again this coming Monday, Any questions or for more info: just drop me a line & ensure to add your ref: at (www.ninwinter.co) & thanks for reporting broken links & non delivered emails. Great to be back... Stay loose free & always believe in your self, No matter who or what!!

Ip ABUse & Repeat offender - Alert

UPDATE; Servage Net suspended all 18 (if not more) accounts/ domains of Brendon Ruddick owner of Meleotrope.com for abuse March 2013 Offending url's void of any organic legit raised or cross link capacity have been the constant source, of brute force, deceptive footprint saturation & unlawful contamination implicating & knowingly compromising, 1000's of unrelated Ip, sites, people & information for self serving & malicious gain, since 2009 which is a matter for Police, Successful Registrar contact & appropriate follow up. Recent & previous deletion of domains , expiry of some, & selected renewals (renewyourname.net) generating new status codes & brand new web tricks,still raising, false query , seach engine hell, is indication this registrar, who ,in August 2013 , despite the best efforts of Police could not be sourced, served or located, conveniently relocating, avoiding police calls , divulged accusations of cyber- stalking ,knows exactly what time it is.. & can address all consequences of obtuse.output still raising its cowardly head. Stick to official links, & Proceed with caution when clicking raised Dns,info, reviews, links, blogs & posts, tags, & look ups - purporting to represent, or reference unrelated same name entities, & offending url's owned by Brendon Ruddick & Meleotrope.com Speechbaby.com (biz net & org) Buddiesprice (renewyourname.net) williewinter.com .,atozspeak.ezispeak. speechbaby.com speechababycity. talkwithteddy ninwinter.com wordstotheworld ianedwardwinter.music.com buddiesprice, buddyrates.com & a handful of personal names hosted (periodically) from IP address owned by Brendon Ruddick , Meleotrope.com www.Brendonruddick.com last known IP address (USA208.73.210.155 ) - as they have repeatedly proved to be illegally created accessed & derived, , software , ip tracing, , misleading, malicious & computer harming . Dirty tricks, snippet spam, & Suppression of this post, replaced with a mirror & false header - , is typical & an indication, Brendon Ruddick or a deluded wanker on his behalf, really needs to get a life! This is what you've missed. https://plus.google.com/+NinWinter/posts No Doubt , search engines, ISP, Karma the law is, & will eventually catch Up Cyber -Stalkers are cowards, who hide behind, anonymity , with malicious intent, which is a criminal act & no one should have to Put Up With it, on or off the Net. If you are affected by a bully just, " Remember you have no control over the cowardly mentality of others, but you have FULL control over how & what you do about it, : Seek advice & support from family , friends, & local police. A recent Police initiative in Australia is worth a look too. ACORN | Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network www.acorn.gov.au/ Stay Loose.