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Villain! Update

Ok, so we got a big year ahead of us right now. New EP "End of the Weak" is out and ready for download on the bandcamp site. Hardcopies will be ready within the next month. This is just to get everyone ready for the new album coming this summer. We have a bunch of shows lined up, including some out of town dates in Florida and Georgia with our friends The Offer. With more shows to come. New merch is coming as well! Including 3 new shirt designs! Plus, buttons, stickers and other fun stuff! The train is coming so hope on board and come party with us at our next event! See you guys soon

Whats New and Next

Ok sweet we have all the ingredients to make a kick ass rock band work! With vocals and the rhythm guitar out the way we can progress. Lets first welcome Carlos Perez to the band. New lead singer for Villain, and sounding damn good. Next we are recording songs we have done. November we will be the month for all that. In the mean time, we have a show at the Soapbox with alot of great punk bands making their way to Florida. "East Bound and Down" fest is whats all going down. If you havent checked it out, then you def should. Its going to mucho fun. ummm, can't think of anything else important to say... We have a demo song that should be making its way around within the next few weeks. The album we are recording in November will not be done til late this year or early next.