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Dawn Aitken / Blog

July 12th at Porter's Coffee and Tea House

Sat. July 12th at 6:30 pm we will be performing a return engagement at Porter's Coffee and Tea House. Reservations are a must* We had such a good turn out on our last visit that we have been asked back to do it again. Please join me, Bill Sample, Buff Allen and Brett Gubbels for a great night of music.

Gig at Porter's in Langley BC

Happy to announce that I will be performing at "Porter's Restaurant" in Langley BC, Murrayville. Come on out and enjoy great food, a welcoming and comfortable venue with great music. Joining me will be Bill Sample on piano, Rene Worst on bass, and Jerry Adolphe on drums. Really looking forward to this event. If you come out, please come up and say hello, all my reverbnation fans* Looking forward to seeing you there*

Performance video

Please take a look at the new videos that have been posted here on Reverbnation.

Valentine's Day

Valentines' Day will be here soon. Wouldn't it be nice to curl up with the one you love, a bottle of wine and a Dawn Aitken CD? They also make wonderful gifts*

Video recording

Dear Friends and Fans in the Vancouver area, I will be recording a performance video on Wed. Jan. 8th at Blue Frog Studio in White Rock BC at 6pm. This is a free event* Please lend me your support and be in our audience for the recording. There has been some confusion with regard to the address of the studio. It is listed as being on Johnston Street. It is actually on 152cnd street, but 152cnd becomes Johnston after 16th street, so just stay on 152cnd. You will see the studio on the east side of the street. Hope to see you there and Thank You in advance for your support*

Audience needed for Performance Video Recording

For the first time in many years I will be recording a performance video at Blue Frog Studio on 152cnd street in White Rock BC. Time 6pm. This event is free* We will need to know how many folks to expect, so please rsvp to my email address at dawnaitken@yahoo.ca. If you are in the area, please join us. On stage with me will be Mr. Bill Sample on piano, Rene Worst on Bass and Jerry Adolphe on drums. Looking forward to meeting some of my Reverbnation fans* Also, please note that we have made the Vancouver Jazz top ten list. Nice Christmas present* To all of my fans, thank you so very much for your continued appreciation and support of my music here on Reverbnation. Many sincere thanks to everyone. Hope to see you there* Dawn Aitken


I know that it is weird to see songs like"Tossing and Turnin" and "Dirt" on my page here on RN, but much of my career involved working with jingle producers and song writers. Many of my demos were destroyed by an old boyfriend many years ago and some great performances were lost. These few are all that are left and I'm so glad to be able to share them with you* I was a very lucky lady to have shared the stage and the studio with the best that Canada had to offer in the 80's and I was given the opportunity to develop as a singer/performer with the experience that they gave me. I love to sing, music, wherever it takes me. I love a good lyric and the opportunity to reach out to people and touch them with a performance. I will take them down at some point, but for right now, I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed recording them* In the end it's all about joy and sharing our lives together here on this planet* Thanks*


I don't usually post alot of my original tunes here on RN, but this is a demo that I played for a friend recently and she has encouraged my writing. I don't consider myself a writer. The things I come up with usually come from a pretty deep place and I have difficulty putting them into words. That and the fact that I write these things down, I don't play an instrument. Instead I have taken my ideas to musicians, who god bless them, in their kindness have helped me to chart the tunes and demo them in exchange for a piece of the writer's. I am of the school that 100% of nothing is nothing, so I don't mind sharing. The most important thing is to get the message, idea, out there. If you are helping me do that we can work together* I want to thank Dave Pickell for helping me demo this tune a few years ago. Other co writers have been Richard Samuels and Jamie Robinson. Thank you for listening and thanks to my dear friend for her encouragement.

The long road home

In Feb. of this year I started to sing publicly again. It had been ten years since I stood on stage and I performed at a local church fund raiser. I was nervous. It had been a long time since I stood in front of a mike, counted in a song, but a few minutes into the first couple of tunes and I began to find my footing. I rehearsed with an old friend, a bass player/guitar player that I had known many years ago in Toronto. It was so easy to just sing, to find keys to feel the music again. It was a ship feeling the wind in it's sails. How wonderful to sing with such a professional and gifted player. The musician I speak of is Mr. Kim Brandt. It is my hope that we a can continue to sing and play together. How wonderful it would be to once again stand on a concert stage with fine musicians and create music again. That is my future wish* To play small intimate theatre venues to an audience I could share my joy of singing with. I say small theatre venue because it is so hard to find clubs to play in anymore and so many of them will not pay their entertaiment these days, from what I've been told. In the small clubs I began my career in, the atmosphere was small and intimate. You could connect emotionally with your audience. In the limited experience I have had on the concert stage, this can also be accomplished. This is my new dream* Maybe one day, maybe one day soon, I hope.

The New Year

Hi Everyone* It's the beginning of a brand new year and I have begun to put my toes back in the musical water. I am in the process of connecting with local players and have found my joy once more* Looking forward to singing live again. Please buy my little CD and spread the word* Looking forward to an awesome year in 2013* Blesssings*