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Show Review from 3.20.10 at Booneys by Alex Hutchins

Ladymoon & Tha Bone Boogity :: March 20th, 2010 :: Booney's :: Avon, IN By: Alex Hutchins So, I woke up saturday feeling good. I was about to go see a good show, Once again at Booney's. I’ve been to Booney's a few times since I’ve been back in the Midwest. Let me say that this venue, gets better everytime I go. It’s a wonderful place with reasonably priced drinks, and good free music. Life doesn't get any better. So after rounding up my carload of 5 people we headed for Avon. It’s a one-hour drive from my hometown of Tipton, Indiana. Finally arriving at Booney's, and ready to have fun! I didn't run my own Video Cameras, so I was looking forward to a relaxed night. Joey asked me to run video for him when I got there, which of course, was not a problem. I love pointing a camera at the stage. I helped Joey set-up a little, and got a few drinks. l9.jpg picture by HiddenRelicJamz l6.jpg picture by HiddenRelicJamz l7.jpg picture by HiddenRelicJamz l5.jpg picture by HiddenRelicJamz Tha Bone Boogity played their first show as a band this night. I must say it was pretty good. I talked to a member of the band, and He wasn’t the happiest after the set. In my opinion for being a first show, I told him it was really great. No need to be hard on yourself. Tha Bone Boogity were different but tight, and had a Primus type feel. Mainly due to the bass players thick bass lines, and singing the most. Carlos on guitar is very talented. All three musicians worked very well together making a beautiful sound. I think they have a good thing going, and I really hope to hear more of these gentlemen in the future. I expect big things from what I heard on the 20th.

Now The moment you've all been waiting for, THE MAIN EVENT! Ladymoon! Lets start out by saying that the members of this band are damn good. They’re down to earth guys, and I love them all. I’ve caught Ladymoon a few times, and have always loved it. My friends swear by them. This show was not a disappointment, actually it was anything but! It was a dance party, jam-filled, fun time. Everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves. They played a cover of the Grateful Dead’s "Shakedown Street'’ early in the set, and It got everyone MOVING. In my opinion "Shakedown Street" was a wonderful choice for a first set cover. They kept us moving with Originals like ‘'Turn it Upside Down'’, '’Coat in the Oven'’, and '’Rumplestiltskin'." Also in their first set they played a awesome Mash-up of songs '’Serpentina Push It (salt n peppa, I think) First tube (awesome!) Serpentina." This had me DANCING. They played a few more originals that were really well crafted, then we had us a much needed set break. Time for bathroom, Beers, and smokes.

Set Two began. After the first set, we were ready for some fire music. Of course Ladymoon threw it down again. After some more Originals, they hopped right into another wonderful song choice of Phish's '’Character Zero.’’ I've always loved this song for its sound, and most of all its lyrics. It was a good cover choice that truly made my night. They raged about 5 or 6 more wonderful sounding songs. The night was almost over, and It was time for the encore. They played '’AEIOU'’ and '’Frustration’' for the last two songs, and like that the night was over. Another AWESOME show in the books. Set One: So Many Things, Shakedown StreetRoll On Down The Road, Maroon, Rumpelstiltskin, Turn It Upside Down, Coat In The Oven, SerpentinaPush ItFirst TubeSerpentina, Rock N Roll Stew, Afro SheenWorking Man Set Two: FrenzyBBY, Awake, Looks Good In Writing, Character ...Zero, Hatchet Face, You, Selfish ManMcMurphyFake Plastic Trees Encore: AEIOU, Frustration