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CORKELECTRIC is once again in the Top Ten! New album due Summer 2014!! Spring Tour Starts this Week in Nor California! Join the CE Family!! Rock-Cork

Secret Mini-Tour Nor Cal Bay Area??

CORKELECTRIC may be doing a mini tour of the SF BAY AREA between NOW and the end of January (South Bay to North Bay and across the East Bay) to break in new songs/new rig/making a live video and live tracks etc... I just need some couches to surf, houses to sit, or fields/yards to camp in so I can start booking...anybody know of anything?

(Can trade guitar lessons and contribute to household food supply!)

Please contact me directly via facebook or reverbnation... My phone not working right now.

Thank you. Rock on -C (PS It will just be me and my car/gear...) http://www.reverbnation.com/corkelectric


SO sorry for the lack of communication. I took an unexpected and much needed holiday from life as my reality slapped me in the face, beat me down, and forced me to find a new path...mental and physical exhaustion kicked in and I was forced into solitude. The path I was on was by my own choosing, yet it was not that of the one I was supposed to be on. My cracker was snapped FOR me and I was living in Denial of my existence. I had no other choice but to face my fears and CHANGE my ways. To those whom I managed to hurt I AM SORRY. ..and to those whom I LOVE I can never forgive myself for my actions. The future is now out of my hands and I lay my life before the alter of the Universe to do with me as it sees fit to do...call it GOD or call it HIGHER POWER, whatever you want, but IT is now in charge of my life. I have thrown the reigns down, tossed my paddle into the waters, given up on trying to control my life and put into the hands of those powers. Please forgive me for my mistakes and my actions...I was wrong. I have pointed fingers at everyone and anything and so many others blaming THEM for my downward spiral, but I have see the reflection in The Mirror and now finally see that it is MY FAULT. I AM TO BLAME and NOBODY else. Please open your hearts and try to forgive me. If not, I do understand. If SO, then please send me a note telling me, as I have become lost in my own world and have believed my own BS for too long. The time has come for me to humble myself and accept what I have known to be true-I ma to blame and nobody else. If I have scared or hurt or disregarded you or anybody else with my words and/or my actions, please forgive me. If you cannot, then I do understand. It is time for me to forgive myself, take the punishment of my life, and move forward. Death is no longer an option and no matter how much I hurt, I must simply move on. The life I have lived for the last 20 years is a lie. It is time to open my Hardened arrogant soul heart and mind and stop the lunacy. It is time to forgive myself for being an idiot. It is time to listen to the BS I have created and the dogma I have loathed, for IT is more powerful than I will ever be. I WAS WRONG and I DID WRONG and I have to deal with that. The new day comes with the dawn, and for me, the future looks bright. Thank you for your support fro all these years. Tomorrow is NOW and it will all be ok. I am sorry. Peace? Well, I am seeking that within my soul...may we all find that place. My heart is renewed and I am open to your words. Please help me to heal my self inflicted wounds. This life has become solitary, and I need my friends. Are you still out there? Thank you for listening. I still love, yet have fallen into it too hard, shattered it like a broken window, and have ripped myself up in the shards of my own disaster. The blood that has flowed shall flow no more. Peace and love to you. "Happy is the man who always seeks truth, whereas he who has hardened his heart shall fall into trouble"...-rock on-CORK tts



Do YOU Have the New Albums YET???

Wow. Stil at number 4, but sales are down! What can I do to intice y'all to get YOUR copy of the 3 albums now available at the CORKELECTRIC STORE? Let me know! I want you to have a piece of music history! Thank you!-CJ


CORKELECTRIC is about to be unleashed upon the world via ITunes, Pandora, Rhapsody, MtV, and/or other digital sites...it is still NOT TOO late to get you physical CD with 6 panels of artwork! Do it soon, only a handfulll left! SUPPORT your starving Artist friend! Thank you ROCK IN PEACE1


NEW MUSIC!! "RESPONSIBLE CONFLICTS"! 15 CORK songs from 4 albums spanning 20 years of work! To buy you CD click the CORKELECTRIC a sample platter icon!

wow number 4!!!

I am humbled and do not know what to say...Number 4!! This is the highest we have been on the charts. Thank you. I am trying to get new work uploaded but the system is fighting my efforts. wow...number 4!!!

we are NUMBER 7!! Cool!

PLEASE tell your people to Join the CORKELECTRIC FAMILY to reach our goal of NUMBER 3! Thanks!


We need a few hundred more fans! Please help reach the goal of number 3!!

Number 9!