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Ken Dulin My Streams / Blog

Top of The Charts !

Thank You for listening ! "I just love being played" ALL SUMMER ! #topofthecharts #August2014 #1 #artist @kendulin http://radioflote.com/band/ken-dulin

Headlines !

Wow ! Check out who made the Headlines Top ! 英会話 is out! http://paper.li/abcdxyzlmp/1362336248 … … Stories via @RodneyPike @kendulin

@PaulMcCartney said; Great job!!! i liked it!!

@PaulMcCartney said; Great job!!! i liked it!! nimbitmusic.com/kendulin/ 12 songs for $10.00

Works For Me

Ken Dulin Indie 10 Billion Listeners needed. Apply at http://www.reverbnation.com/kendulin No Pay, but many benefits, Great Songs,Great Beats,Great Stories Songs Too ! Guarantied to move you, Inside, and Out. Note: Only people with ears, need apply. @KenDulin

Warning !

Warning ! Expect Chills, Goose Bumps, Head bobbing, foot tapping, and involuntary body movement. Ken's 4th Live 8: http://youtu.be/r0hAEQ3tBOA

Sir Paul McCartney said; and I quote !

Sir Paul McCartney said; Sir Paul checked out my @kendulinIndie or http://t.co/D2JwiNJKfY Sir Paul McCartney said; Great job!!! i liked it!!

March 19 2014

Cool shit man, good morning ! DAAAAAAAAAA, I just now figured out that I could play the songs on the app, and open a "NEW" window to https://www.facebook.com/kendulin2?ref=stream , and listen, to my songs, while I fill you full of (IT) LOL I never said I was smart, quick minded, or the "best at anything", I just report what I see, happening to me, as I climb the ladder of life, knowing,, there is nowhere, to get too, "if your already there". So Don't worry about me, I'm having a great time, creating the news, and Ster'in Up Trouble : )


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Can't hold a good song down. Headed for 300,000 RT SUCCESS STORY ! Song Plays 110,679 +1,198 Video Plays 254,889 +23,910 Total Fans 26,864

Me Blog : )

Please take the time to type in ken dulin , or Ken Dulin in any search engine. I have 20 songs listed 18 videos & 104 sites & apps.