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Happy New Year

Year end is a time of reflection. Time for new beginnings.

Whiskey Rodeo moved from our comfort zone 15 months ago. Packed up, left almost everything we new behind to move to a thriving musical community of the Texas hill country.

This is the best decision this band has made.

So folks don't be afraid of change. You may stumble. Or you may fall. However the experience along the way will make you stronger, kinder, and more open to the good things in life.

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm betting all of you made it through your holiday. I know we did. Great experiences with friends and family. Lots of laugh, stories and even a few entertaining lies.

Rebecca Creek Radio

This week our friends at Rebecca Creek Radio will be airing their interview with Greg and Chase. Tune in 5pm Texas Time. http://rebeccacreekradio.com/

Behind the scenes

You may have seen the weekly brief from Whiskey Rodeo. The email we send out on Tuesday or Wednesday to keep you updated.

Here's the behind the scene's part.

Streptococcus is not funny. Neither is travel fatigue.

Both hit everyone hard.

Being in a band is a full time "Blue Collar" gig just like being a mom, or a nurse, a carpenter or a stone mason.

Just like all hard working professions; days off for bands are rarities. On gig days they're impossible.

Sick? Well that sucks, get to work. Girlfriend tells you she hates when your 1000 miles from home? Well that sucks, get to work. Death in the family? Well that sucks, get to work.

Whiskey Rodeo has always tried to bring the blue collar experience into their songs for the reasons mentioned above. We live the same life that you do. Whiskey Rodeo is just lucky enough to be able to drink at work. Giggle.

For most of you reading this, it's no mystery. Sometimes it's still worth writing down.

That's the look behind the scenes.

So it begins.

This is going to be a week to remember.

Whiskey Rodeo is playing three new venues this week.

Tonight is Hard Tails in Georgetown Tx.

Tomorrow night at Darwin's Pub on 6th st. In Austin Texas!

Saturday back to our beloved Pour Haus in New Braunfels

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! House of Blues in Dallas Texas. We get to be the warm up and after party for GOV'T MULE!!!!!!!

So excited I think I just peed.

So it begins.


Even being in a band doesn't get you out of Monday.

Most would think the busiest time for us would be weekend. There is some truth to that. Traveling from show to show. Loading gear. The best part is in the middle the performance.

Monday is the day Whiskey Rodeo is advancing shows, beginning promotion for the week, preparing emails, all the administrative things that keep the machine moving.

It's always busy. For some reason my head is always foggy when it begins. I'm not sure why (wink wink).

The moral here folks is apparently no one gets out of Mondays.

Whiskey Rodeo
Whiskey Rodeo  (over 1 year ago)

Oh shit... what happened Saturday night? Where the hell is my waitress? Hmm.. FOGGY!

Taking chances.

Tonight Whiskey Rodeo returns to Joker's Ice House in Killeen Texas. It seems quite a bit like going home.

Our friends at Joker's were some of the first folks outside of Flagstaff AZ to take a chance on this band.

We met more than three years ago when Chase made a phone call to a venue he'd found on Reverbnation.

We've played at Joker's Ice House nearly a dozen times since.

Taking chances can be very scary some times. Insecurity & self doubt can overwhelm the desire to reach out.

However, if you take that self doubt and turn it to courage; you're on your way to relationships and experiences that will change your life.

Thanks to our friends at Joker's Ice House for taking a chance.

I'm not very good at this.

Trying to come up with content is difficult for me at times. Seems relatively easy when I'm writing lyrics. For some reason blogging is tough.

So remember this.

Never go out without a towel.

Ramblings from F.M.

I'm awake it's 11:20 Texas time.

Thinking about quite a few things.

Initially what does it take to reach my goals as a musician?

Secondly where are we (Whiskey Rodeo) going from here?

I'm not sure I have any answers to be honest.

Watching TED talks today gave some inspiration. As well some food for thought.

Reaching my goals as a musician seems broad. Maybe trying to narrow it down to "what are my goals?" is a better way to start.

1. Harmonica I've come a long way with this instrument in a relatively short amount of time. However I still feel I'm missing some "chops".

2. Piano/Keyboards Here's one I'm drooling to become proficient at.

Regarding where are we going from here.

I was told once by a friend of Chase's "aim for global domination..." I really have tried to assimilate that philosophy. Lofty goals are what keep me motivated. If Whiskey Rodeo falls somewhere short of that, we surely gave it hell along the way.

I've reached a good deal of my goals on this ride with Whiskey Rodeo. I've had songs I've written played on the radio. I've opened for big name "A" list acts. I've performed in front of large crowds of 5,000 plus. Even complimented on our show by a few of those headliners.

I still ask myself how do I get that many friends, and fans to come and see Whiskey Rodeo? How does Whiskey Rodeo make the big jump to the next level?

I guess if we learn the answer, I wouldn't be up thinking about it.

Cheers Filthy McNasty

Get ready for Texas!

Benefiting Soldiers' Angels, we're embarking on our third tour of the Lone Star state! "Hard Labor" tour 2012 is coming to blast a crater through central Texas Aug 24th through Sep 2nd... Check the schedule and get your ass to one of our shows. You'll have a blast. We promise!