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Stories behind the songs

Stories behind the songs:

Look Homeward, Angel - As a music therapy intern in a hospice setting, I ran across some interesting people. One woman didn't want me to play any precomposed music. She always told me that "the only mistake you can make is not seeing the potential in your mix ups." She one time asked me if I knew a song that her husband wrote. Obviously, I didn't but she told me to make something up while I was there. This song is the result of that session.

Highway 27 - I wrote this song after, as the chorus implies, I was distressed about having to pack my toothbrush to visit my parents' house. In the time it took me to drive the 5 hours from Wartburg College (you rah rah rah) to Loyal, WI, I recorded the melody of this song on my cell phone. The chords and structure were written in 5 minutes after I got back from my visit.

Like a Butterfly - I wrote this during my internship. During my internship at CarePartners Hospice, I helped with a bereavement group. I wrote this song to try to reflect the different stages of grief. The image of a cocoon, where there are changes, but you can't see them right away, resonated with some of the group members. It led to some good discussion and I've had a few people tell me I should post this song.

Roll On, Gypsy - This song was inspired by a friend of mine who stated that his "natural state of being is travel." He's been all over the place and met some interesting people. I tried to imagine what it would be like to meet him on one of his adventures and this is what came out.

Missing You - Another song I wrote for my internship. This song is about the feelings of conflict when someone starts to not feel so much emotional pain when they think about their loved one. When someone starts moving from bitter to bittersweet to (possibly) sweet, it can make someone feel as though they don't love their loved one as much. This song is just a reflection of what I've seen in people's grief.

The Hippie Next Door - This is just a silly song. It took me about 10 minutes to write and about the same time to record. It is about my experience of knowing "hippies", becoming a "hippie", and then moving to Asheville, becoming part of a collective "hippie." I don't really consider myself a hippie, but I suppose I fit enough stereotypes that it makes sense that others would.