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Cheyenne Pitts / Blog

November 2013 Update

Hey everyone! wow so many things have been going on since my last blog entry but i want everyone to know that music i still alive in me i know i havent put out any new music in a year & a half but be patient with me i have been doing alot of thinking & really trying to find myself as an artist & ive been writing songs & experimenting with new things & just trying to follow my arrow where ever it points..& i think when i finally do put something out your going to really enjoy it..but also on top of finding mysekf there are financial issues that have come up to where its very hard for me to have money for studio time because i found out in march that im going to have a babygirl & she is due next month so anyone whith a beautiful little one knows how that goes..but once i adjust to being a daddy & i find what im looking for in myself as an artist the ball will be rolling again im hoping sometime next year, i have found out very quick that things change in an instant so i would be upset & think it going to be forever..because i dont think its going to be as long as you think :) i know if your reading this blog you are a true fan of my music & you support me to the fullest & for that i thank you you are amazing & i love you & i cant wait to get another album recorded. please feel free to message me, make sure if you see a show on my calender you try to make it & just keep on keeping on guys.. before this becomes a novel im going to end it.. talk to you soon!!


Hey Everyone!!! things are going great with the music getting a full band together finally & its working out pretty well just wanted to let everyone know ill be playing shows ALL summer long so please be sure you catch a show & please look at my show calender to see if i am playing anywhere near you!!

April 2013

hello! man its been awhile since ive posted a blog hasnt it? i just wanted to let all my fans know im doing well! im doing alot of writing & still playing shows. im not 100% sure but i plan on releasing a new single for the summer! so keep your fingers crossed for that im hoping to get it out by may or june we will see! i will blog & let you know! but i just wanted to keep everybody updated i hope all is well with my fans!!

December Update.

hey guys.. wow...where do i even begin, ive been struggling alot with so many things & just recently got an upper-cut from the studio & friends i was working with so the "Love & Loss" EP is going to be delayed a little bit..i HAVE found a new studio & we have gotten to work immediatley already tracking intrumentals & getting the process going, its sad because the EP was just about finished but everything happenes for a reason & i wasnt really digging the way the songs were turning out, & i know i said i was going to do a full band album but ive decided to stick to my roots & play my acoustic stuff..& make a beautiful acoustic EP i hope you are excited about that because i know alot have people were kind of worried about me going full band, but you dont have to worry about that anymore. acoustic is where my heart & soul is..& thats where im going to stay,,but on another note i cancelled alot of my shows the holidays are here & there waay to much going on with family & friends & money being tight & honestly i need some time to myse,f to figure out who i am & where i need to be in life, doesnt mean i wont be playing shows again it just means im putting them on hold for awhile, i hope you will understand. theres just alot of things i need to work out, but i am working hard for you in the studio RE-recording all the songs & going to release them online for FREE download. i havent set a date on when thats going to happen & honestly i dont want to because i dont want to rush this project i want to take my time & release a good EP that everyone is going to enjoy but if i had to guess id say febuary or march, (give or take) maybe even a little less then that im not sure we just have to see how things go. i do want to thank everyone who has been supporting me through all my hard time & all of my good times & just helping me get through the motions, life can be tough sometimes but you just have to pick yourself up & brush everything off. which is exactly what im doing, im working on becoming a better musician & a better man, & i just ask for prayers while i figure stuff out. but back to the music be looking for updates so see how he new EP is coming along & be ready for another beautiful acoustic album. thanks for reading, yall are amazing!!

Cheyenne Pitts

November Update.

hola! i hope everyone is well well since it is the month to give thanks i wanna start off by saying thank you to all my fans for listening to my music & sharing my music to all your friends & family it truly means the world to me, i dont know what id do without you guys, another thing i wanted to say is that the new EP "Love & Loss" is turning out great it wont be to long before i will release it online to reverbnation & itunes & more online music sites. you will be able to download these new songs for free so dont worry about having to buy them. id give it a few more weeks & the songs will be done & released. so get pumped for that!! also i have a ton of shows coming up all through november & december so be ready for that & check my schedule to see if ill be playing in a town near you. anyways guys i just wanted to keep you updated on whats going on in my life musically. i hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving & i hope your ready for new music & lots of shows!! keep on keeping on Cheyenne Pitts

October Update.

Hello! if your reading this i have great news ill be releasing a new EP this Winter called "Love & Loss" its a compelation of songs i have written since my album "The Road Away From Home" back in April. ALSO i am currently in the process of booking more shows i know ive been slacking off latley but i plan on getting back on track no matter what it takes, times are hard latley but im working on things getting better nothing is going to keep from my dream of playing music for a living. just wanna thank all my fans & all the people who are truly supporting me. you guys are amazing. thanks for taking the time to listen & share my music!!

July Update.

hey guys, if you are reading this i had to cancell all of my shows, i am very sorry im hoping to book some places again soon but for now i wont be playing shows. maybe in the next month or 2 ill be booking more shows but for now i wont be on the road. but i do plan on getting back in the studio so be on the look out for new tunes. thanks guys

June Update

hey guys how are you? 1st off i just wanna say thank you to the many people listening to my music i just released my acoustic album back in April & so far the support has been amazing. ive been playing shows like crazy & selling cds like crazy. no bad for the 1st album ive ever put out. ive picked up a guitar player who has been going on the road with me named Micheal Eavenson extrememly yalented guy so if you come to a show you will more then likely get to check him out he has been making me sound 10X better, also ive got a song off the album on the radio!! 94.9 out of wichitafalls,TX has been playing "Runaway" also a station out of Snyder,TX has been playing it to. & that feels absolutley amazing. i plan on furthering my success & to contiunue writing & continue to play shows as much as i possibly can at the moment i am in college so im juggling college & music at the same time which is a tricky situation but i think ill survive & pull through. at the moment we are still promoting the acoustic album but ive been writing songs like crazy & searching for more dedicated members to add to the band & hopefully it will be soon so i can start working on my 2nd album. & yes we are planning on releasing another album!! but the next one will be FULL BAND. very excited about that. dont know when we will hit the studio & i dont know when it will be released but im hoping by the winter time or early next year. but the plan for now is to play as many shows as possible & book in places we have never played before & hopefully get some new fans. but all i wanna do is travel like crazy & play music anywhere i can. i hope you will come to a show sometime & i hope you enjoy yourself & continue to listen to my music & spread the word about a small town boy triying to make his dreams come true. if you wanna see where ill be playing next i have shows posted on this website also you can check on facebook just go to my music page & click the "band profile" tab & you can listen to my muisic & see what shows i have coming up. btw before i sign on just wanna let everyone know that you can download my songs for absolutley free so please start downloading my songs & getting all your friends to do the same. i think thats about it for now. i hope to see you at a show & i cant wait to let you know when the 2nd album is going to be started. i love you guys thank you so much for reading & take care of yourselfs. =)

Cheyenne Pitts

Album & Shows

hey guys! its march 23 2012 & im writing you to let you know that my acoustic album "The Road Away From Home" is just about wrapped up & ill be releasing the songs from my album on reverbnation very soon!! & for FREE!! also please be sure to look at my show schedule to see if ill be playing in a town near you! im still currently booking shows & will post more show dates when i release the album! i plan on playing shows all year long so i hope i see you down the road! thanks guys!!


hey guys ive currently gotten back in the studio recording more new songs all which are acoustic & all songs that ive written myself. i hope to release 4 or 5 new songs & put them on a cd that you can purchase on itunes. i havent got an official date on when the cd is going to be done or released because ive got alot of shows coming up but when im not playing shows you can expect me in the studio. im also going to be putting the songs on reverbnation & facebook! so keep checking in on any of my many sites & see if the new tunes are up! later for now.