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tuning in to find out what now?

Hey gang! Just read the last blog, the ONLY blog, that's been posted and...yes, it's been over a year and no podcast nor blog. Well, the right team is being gathered (can't have just anyone join me for this quality of discussion, right?) and the studio is set for this all to happen, officially! We're going to cover a wide range of topics and also some chuckles because, well, life is a big joke. Seriously, we try to incorporate humor in a lot of things just make ourselves laugh and if others find it funny too, then that's a bonus.

Other updates: the WAN 7-song EP is finally finished and physical copies will be available on CDBaby.com and other fine virtual store where music and other recorded sound can be purchased. It took some time, a long time, a long long time, but it's finally wrapped and ready to deliver. Thanks so much to all involved in the process! You will see and hear what your support and contribution produced.

Making this crap short, keep visiting this site where you can read about show updates, see new pictures, and especially hear new tunes for the next album(s)!

peace and stuff j

Now featuring, or soon to be featuring...

Happy thirsty Thursday, lads and lasses! Neptune Recovery will be adding a discussion podcast to the profile in lieu of a blog. This way you can keep browsing the sinful web while you listen.

In other news, work on the upcoming album is still underway, still. It has been and continues to be a long road, due to breaks in fund building and holidays (which are fund decreasing). Several guest musicians have stopped in the studio to contribute and, damn, is it sounding awesome!! It's definitely much heavier and more elaborate than the EP #0. Well, more soon. Stay tuned!

j of NR