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it is almost that holidaze

and you could give the gift of Kittenhead! Seriously we have shirts and CDs for sale! Cool Kittenhead shirts are 20 USD While the fabulous new CD is 10 USD plus shipping and handling -- of course -- I know you are all saying "such a deal" You can respond via FB IM or email reply to this post to order your very special gifts! DD can tell you how many days EXACTLY you have left to shop.... Have a safe holiday season! xoxox KH

Thank You!

Kittenhead Pride! For all the support over the last 2 weeks of touring! Special thanks to all those who provided homes and hot meals to the band -- there is an exclusive club in heaven for you all! To all you who bought SWAG and came out to cheer! YOU ROCK!! TO all the venues -- Thank you so much for providing live music and for such fantastic spaces for us to play! To our families, friends and furbabies who held down the home front -- this isn't possible without you! WE LOV E YOU ALL!! KH PS The new CD will be available on itunes and other digital download sites within the next few days!

Tour Seattle or BUST!

Kittenheads!! We are getting ready to go on tour! Yes we are coming to see you where you live -- well many of you! SO this is where we are headed -- Santa Cruz CA, Oakland Ca, San Jose CA, Elko NV, Reno NV, Salem OR, Astoria OR, Portland OR, Tacoma WA, Seattle WA. So if you are near any of those lovely destinations please check back to the Kittenhead Reverb page or our Facebook for venue updates, times etc! We are bringing shirts, stickers, wrist bands and the NEW CD!!!! on tour with us! SWAG SWAG!! Looking forward to seeing everyone our there on the road! xoxo Kittenhead

Formatting and other fun details

Hello Kittenheads! We are busy busy busy getting the new music ready for your consumption!! Some of you were in San Clemente and got to hear a preview of all our new material -- Thanks for coming out to such a fun show! Of course there will be downloads and CDs available but we have also heard some whispers of people wanting vinyl!!! (for those under 30 - there were these round 12' disks that were black and you put them on a physical turntable) So how many people really want us to go THAT old school --- and what would you pony up for a Kittenhead record? Tinman is getting airplay from Finland to Australia and all across the States! So of course you can get a free download here: http://www.reverbnation.com/KITTENHEAD/song/21844506-tinman Cuz Kittenhead loves you all that much! We have a Hollywood show on 10/10 --- Hope to see you there! xoxo KH

Since it is playing on the radio....

HI Kittenheads! Look what is up on Reverb! TINMAN the new single from our new CD "We're Here!" We decided that since it is being played on radio in Europe and the States we should let you hear it at your leisure as well! Also if you know of any radio shows that should be playing Kittenhead feel free to harass, I mean request that they play Tinman! There are new photos posted in our press kit and on the photo section of reverb too! Busy Busy! Have a great weekend! KH

GFsix Radio!

HI Kittenheads! Well GFsix.com a music review and radio show(s) internet station is going to feature Kittenhead! The already did a great review fro us which you can find here: http://www.gfsix.com/apps/blog/show/42641081-kittenhead-music So of course we already added to our press clipping! (If you know of reviewers or reviews of Kittenhead please let us know! ) This weekend we will be back at the Red Hat in Concord CA, so if you are in the Bay Area this weekend here is the link to that show info: http://www.reverbnation.com/show/14220344 Hope everyone is have a great week! xxoo KH

What's new Kittenhead?

Hey there! Well we are so happy to tell you all that work on the new CD is progressing at a good clip! We hope have physical copies and downloads ready by the end of the month! We also have more show dates coming up check it out on www.reverbnation.com/kittenhead Kittenhead is also looking to tour in the great Pacific Northwest in mid October! If you can help us out with shows and contacts please send us an email! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you all soon! KH

So good to be back!

Kittenhead loves recording but we love bing on stage more! So it was fantastic to be back on stage last Tuesday at the Kitty Club in Boardners! The place was hopping! Thank you to all the peeps who came out! We also go to play Tuesday, Dreamland and TInman from the new CD. And soon Tinman will be sent out for mastering as the 1st single. Our next show that is scheduled right now will be in the lovely OC at Knuckleheads on the 26th of Sept. I am sure there will be more coming up as we work on the finishing details of the CD and a PNW Tour. We will keep you informed! XOXO KH

The New CD needs a name!

HI KIttenheads! As we are getting close to mastering the CD one detail still remains -- What to call it? Any brilliant suggestions from the KH Pride?? Yes we are asking you! Post your suggestions on our Facebook page under this or email them to us! and here is one of the new songs as it was 1st preformed live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRvwS1YHUM0&feature=em-uploademail Have a great week! XOXOX KH

Show Coming up

HI Kittenheads! We, the band, will be back on stage, where we belong on the 19th of August! Yes I know that is more than a week away but we are SO EXCITED!! We will need some drum roadies that night so come down to Boardners and help out while getting to see a preview of the new material off the upcoming CD (there isn't a name yet for the CD) We will go on at 930! FUN TIMES and there will be SWAG!! mark your calendars! xoxo KH