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GFsix Radio!

HI Kittenheads! Well GFsix.com a music review and radio show(s) internet station is going to feature Kittenhead! The already did a great review fro us which you can find here: http://www.gfsix.com/apps/blog/show/42641081-kittenhead-music So of course we already added to our press clipping! (If you know of reviewers or reviews of Kittenhead please let us know! ) This weekend we will be back at the Red Hat in Concord CA, so if you are in the Bay Area this weekend here is the link to that show info: http://www.reverbnation.com/show/14220344 Hope everyone is have a great week! xxoo KH

What's new Kittenhead?

Hey there! Well we are so happy to tell you all that work on the new CD is progressing at a good clip! We hope have physical copies and downloads ready by the end of the month! We also have more show dates coming up check it out on www.reverbnation.com/kittenhead Kittenhead is also looking to tour in the great Pacific Northwest in mid October! If you can help us out with shows and contacts please send us an email! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you all soon! KH

So good to be back!

Kittenhead loves recording but we love bing on stage more! So it was fantastic to be back on stage last Tuesday at the Kitty Club in Boardners! The place was hopping! Thank you to all the peeps who came out! We also go to play Tuesday, Dreamland and TInman from the new CD. And soon Tinman will be sent out for mastering as the 1st single. Our next show that is scheduled right now will be in the lovely OC at Knuckleheads on the 26th of Sept. I am sure there will be more coming up as we work on the finishing details of the CD and a PNW Tour. We will keep you informed! XOXO KH

The New CD needs a name!

HI KIttenheads! As we are getting close to mastering the CD one detail still remains -- What to call it? Any brilliant suggestions from the KH Pride?? Yes we are asking you! Post your suggestions on our Facebook page under this or email them to us! and here is one of the new songs as it was 1st preformed live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRvwS1YHUM0&feature=em-uploademail Have a great week! XOXOX KH

Show Coming up

HI Kittenheads! We, the band, will be back on stage, where we belong on the 19th of August! Yes I know that is more than a week away but we are SO EXCITED!! We will need some drum roadies that night so come down to Boardners and help out while getting to see a preview of the new material off the upcoming CD (there isn't a name yet for the CD) We will go on at 930! FUN TIMES and there will be SWAG!! mark your calendars! xoxo KH

racing the president and other exciting tidbits

Yes! You too can race the President's Motorcade if you happen to to live in Los Angeles and be on your way to work and forgot that the Prez was going to be in WEHO... (West Hollywood for you non LA peeps) Results -- KH basically won the race on knowledge of local streets -- besides Barak was cheating the sheriff's department kept closing streets for him! Really I just wanted to put a Kittenhead sticker on the limo Mr. Secret Service -- We are half way through the second mixes --- 18 songs ---- more this weekend! Really. Soon. Promise! have a great weekend Kittenheads!

Dreamland lyrics

Well since I had a few requests for the lyrics to dreamland (which is only up for a short while as it isn't mastered) I decided to post them here rather than posting on the song link which will be taken down eventually..... (yes there are some requests to leave it up for an extra day) SO here they are: Dreamland Siren’s song entices you again Lulls away the concrete and the pain To where skies are always blue But yet not over you Purple days thru a disco haze Fills the pipe of dreamland phase There is a barren field of solace Tombstones of our future bliss The growing tide of silence Is what creates the violence Then the seeds inside my mind They grow through out time And now we are the violence We are breed from the sounds of silence Illusions between mankind Tear reason to make us blind Wandering thru the whispered grays Echoes of golden days Your lashes close the door When we know there is something more And the bridges seem to fall away No matter what we try to say The passion’s ember is far from over But I feel us growing colder The growing tide of silence Is what creates the violence Then the seeds inside my mind They grow through out time And now we are the violence We are breed from the sounds of silence Illusions between mankind Tear reason to make us blind Yes you can still hear the song on Reverbnation for a bit longer -- go take a listen!


Yes we do! here is proof! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7JJ4K2IdrE

Remember the Animals this 4th!

HI Kittenheads! Please remember to keep your animals safe and calm this holiday weekend! Both cats and dogs can be freaked out by human celebrations so be a responsible pet owner and keep your animals inside over the next few days. ALso be sensitive to neighbors who are veterans as many of them also have a difficult time during firework celebrations. If your neighbors are veterans please inform them of amateur fireworks shows on your street -- afterall you are "Celebrating" the freedom they fought for you to express. Make sure you are traumatizing them with your celebration. Please remember while we all have the right to our expressions of freedom, our rights end where another's begin. Have a happy and safe 4th of July! Kittenhead

18 tracks and counting

Hello Kittenheads! MIxin, mixin, mixin! Yes it takes this much time to mix that much material. You will happy to hear that we placed no limits on sound or what we were capable when creating. The results are pretty amazing! Punk means there are no rules which is good as we don't follow any... The biggest challenge is going to be to try to explain to people what we sound like -- I guess the obvious is Kittenhead -- that is what we sound like! yep, there is even a ballad (don't worry we only had to tie down DD for a little while) Have a great weekend!! xo KH